Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng

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Bangkok Lane mee goreng

Yesterday, Leonard brought me to eat the famous mee goreng at Bangkok Lane. I was contemplating whether or not to use the word "brought" because his car was sent for polish while I became his personal driver for two days. :P

Tucked away in the hustle and bustle of Pulau Tikus, the coffeeshop that sells mee goreng lies in the corner of Lorong Bangkok, also known as Bangkok Lane. Even as Leonard went on and on about how nice this mee goreng is before we went, I was still a bit skeptical, for all mee mamak tastes almost the same to me.

Eat it... Bangkok Lane mee goreng

Squeezing the lime juice over the plate of mee, I took one bite, and was converted from a skeptic to a believer. The mee goreng was fabulous... a culmination of all tastes Malaysian, spicy and nice! Like Leonard said, you simply can't find any words to describe it -- but isn't that already a statement in itself?

The famous mee goreng is tucked away here.

Even as you take a look around the shop, the mee goreng seems to have generated its own fan base as uncles and aunties and trendy young men and ladies (mostly Chinese!) occupy the old-style kopitiam tables, sipping glasses of lime juice while stretching out the wait.

The coffeeshop... quiet but no less occupied on a Saturday midday.

Bangkok Lane is filled with quaint, old, colonial townhouses... all of which Leonard took a sudden fancy to. Well, dunno if it's because I've seen my share of similar looking houses in Ipoh all my life... I wouldn't want to make my home in one of those houses... no matter how nicely made up they are. I guess I don't like traditional... I hope to live in more modern looking houses. One thing I agree... I love the garden of one of those houses!

Beautiful pink flowers hanging from the balcony... spells R.O.M.A.N.T.I.C.

After lunch, we wandered into an art gallery by chance. I was parked just opposite it when we saw the poster hanging outside. I guess I had to pretend I was arty-farty... you know... walking into art galleries on Saturday afternoons, pretending to be artistic and such. :P

Black and White poster.

The gallery's name is a2 Art Gallery. My guess is that they're relatively new. From time to time they'll display different works of art. This time the theme is Black and White. From Dec 15 onwards, they'll hold another exhibition with smaller works of art, filling the walls with slighly more affordable pieces... just in time for Christmas. The owner told us that they're also planning to setup a small tea corner in the future, so that people can walk in to have some drinks and small talk in an arty environment. For those who are interested, a2 Art Gallery is open from 10am-6pm everyday except on Tuesdays.

We wandered around the place and curi-curi took some photos upstairs, away from the eyes of the owner. I didn't manage to capture any of the main works of the exhibition downstairs because I felt a bit paiseh to be taking photos in an art gallery. Didn't feel very right. However, couldn't resist taking the following... especially the pink one! So sweet! I want it in my bedroom!!! (If the gallery owner is reading this... I just wanted to help by doing some promotion... :-))

"V Composition 6" by Tan Hong Li, priced at RM3,300.

More works of art... The top one is "Flying with the wind" by Lim Ah Cheng, priced at RM5,800.

Black and White!

I want the interior of my future house to look like the gallery... white and clean with silver coated walls decked with family photos, and silver pin-striped curtains at the windows while a scented oil fragrance fills the entire room.

Room with a view. One of the sliding doors opened up to show a view of a wat from a corner.

Later in the afternoon I went to Prangin Mall to choose a new handphone for myself. I gave my previous K750i to my parents because their old one was spoilt. I bought a new K530i, also Sony Ericsson, priced at RM680. I wanted a budget handphone, one with camera features, radio and everything else. My eyes were actually upon a sleek Samsung handphone, but one look at the user interface and it was a no-no. SE's interface is so much cuter, neater and user-friendly! I also liked the pink SE flip phone, but Berry has it and pink is not really my color anyway... hahaha... :P

Pros and cons of K530i? Pros are it is cheap, with 3G function, better interface and sleeker casing compared to K750i, and the charger is compatible with K750i. Cons are the camera is not auto-focus, therefore no macro function and the photo quality is not as good as the K750i. We took some black-and-white photos to compare both the cameraphones.


K530i, already brightened using computer software.

See the difference?


KellYg@n said…
WAhhhh...oishiii,it makes my saliva come out ....sssliup...
tvc said… le kia mee (mee goreng mamak) can be very nice d.....

so 2008 - xweing ... seafood & bangkok lane mee goreng ya ...hehe!!

'AMAZING' (pic K750i) expressions from xweing ..haha!!...btw...好事来的。。幸福的小女人就是如此 。。。。。。
JoyceLee said…
Wah! The mee goreng got so tasty or not?? Hmmm....Must try it during my next visit to penang! :)
pik lay said…
i thought the SE K series are all good in camera function.. seems like not now. haha..cute expression in the photos la buddy
古越遺民 said…

i didn't even know there is such a nice 'keat leng na' mee...
Anonymous said…
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