High Cholesterol Week

Since my parents came to town this week, I'd been on a craze-like food binge for a few days. We are all meat-eaters, so now I can't bear to look at my cholesterol count!!!

Nyonya Cafe @ I-Avenue

On Monday, my parents said they wanna try Nyonya cuisine for dinner, so I brought them to Nyonya Cafe at I-Avenue (little did I know what they actually meant was Thai cuisine at Cherry Blossom's...). Actually I don't have an inkling of where to eat really nice Nyonya food other than Leonard's cooking... so I brought them to the only Nyonya food where I'd been to last time with Kelly, Jia Kai and Kwong Hong.

We ordered Jiu Hoo Char (shredded mushroom, turnip and carrot etc), Ayam Kari Kapitan and Ikan Belanda. For dessert, we ordered Cendol and Bubur Chacha. As you know, Nyonya food has a lot of lemak and heavy ingredients inside... so... I guess my cholesterol count suddenly upped!! Since my grandmother is a nyonya, my mom had been brought up with Nyonya food. She took one look at the Jiu Hoo Char and asked me: "Isn't this the food I'd been cooking for you since you were young?" I: "Err... err... long time din eat already mah..." :P The Ayam Kari Kaptitan was too sweet, the Ikan Belanda (Dory Fish) tasted fishy, and the cendol was frozen! Well, although the place has a nice enough ambience, I guess no food there is good enough!!

Ingolf's Kneipe @ Tanjung Bungah

Since my dad had his training course in Tanjung Bungah Hotel, I suggested to try out German food at Ingolf's Kneipe nearby. I missed out the food at Oktoberfest because I was too full back then... and hearing lots of great reviews about this place, I'm glad that we checked it out although it's a long drive from Bayan Lepas!

Ingolf's Kneipe is located just opposite Copthorne Hotel. Contrary to what I expected, it was quite a laidback setting, with many foreigners as their regular patrons. I made reservations for 4 as I read online that it was almost always full by dinnertime. We ordered 2 dishes (1 mixed grill, the other forgot what but it cost RM40+) and 2 pints of Oktoberfest Paulaner... which was more than enough to feed the 4 of us (see the pic below the table was almost laden)!!

A happy couple

German sausages, ham and bacon

Half-finished plate of steak, pork chop, potato wedges, salad and god-knows-what

Another happy couple

Forgive me for putting up all those photos of half-eaten food... I'm just not professional enough to take my photos before devouring all the tasty dishes... muahahahhaha!! >:)

Good Friends Seafood @ Teluk Kumbar

As soon as my dad set foot in my house he had been insisting to go to the 阿贤人情味 introduction of Good Friends Seafood at Teluk Kumbar (公巴好友海鲜).

When I read his blog (I have no Astro in Penang), I felt he was a bit kua cheong in describing and photographing the food. Heck, he even described the 'he ko' 虾姑/濑尿虾 to be a pretty girl!! -_-''' But yeah, thanks to A Xian, the place is thronging with people now, and really because of its cheap, tasty, well-cooked food and fast service.

My mom insisted on ordering all the food that A Xian ate. For more professionally taken photos (looks much more beautiful and tasty), you can go to A Xian's blog.

Extremely tasty satay

Leonard observed the way they grilled the satay... they really cooked it slowly, he said. First they grill it like 50%, then add the sauce and grill it for another 20% and add more sauce and grill it for another 30% more. Goes for 70 cents a stick. Yummy!

Fried, crispy sotong rings for only RM8! Ate till full... (again, forgive my poor phototaking skills)

Beautiful Girl - This is the 'he ko'. According to dad last time this is worthless. Now it cost RM22 for this dish.

Cut the 'he ko ' into 4 pc... RM22, that's it! See the roe...?

This herbal soup dish with 'lala' in it is called 黄酒药材蚬蛤汤. Howcome A Xian's one got crab but ours don't have??

Steamed crab with roe (膏蟹). Again, I ate finish my crab then only forgot that I hadn't taken pics yet. This is my dad's portion.

Other food that we ordered were tomyam steamed fish (YUMMY!) and fried salty fish beehoon. For all this food, the bill came at a mere RM100. Thanks A Xian!

After my parents left, I kinda continued my food binge at Sg. Nibong Wah Garden Bak Kut Teh yesterday and Little Cottage lamb shoulder @ town today.

Later I'm going to run for 25 mins then step on the weighing scale. Will my 2kg weight loss be gained back from last week? Wish me luck!!!


leonardlcy said…
Its not the weight but the cholesterol that's scary. I think the 2 eggs from the "hei ko" and crab is enuff supply for the whole year...
jwlaw83 said…
Well, poor shooting skill. Stick too much with leonard, and follow his step by forgetting to shoot one before you start your meal.

You're stuck with cholesterol now, I guessed. Have to learn to control, gal!!
pik lay said…
yah.. cholesterol buddy.. dun forget.. those food memang delicious, but have to control.. wahaha.. i only know how to say u, but not myself..wahahaha
tvc said…
haha ..seafood tak cukup lagi ...bak kut teh + lamb shoulder somemore ..beh tahan ...aunty dun play play with your health ..虽然现在的样子很年轻,但别忘了你已过了发育期。。hehe....
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