Home Improvement Weekend

Another Home Improvement weekend for us!

Last week, we visited a condominum behind my apartment that was put up for rent. The price was great, and it came with all the facilities constituing a fantastic place to live in - a huge swimming pool, squash courts, tennis courts and a gym.

But somehow I didn't like the idea of living there. Maybe it was the unit itself - big, but nonetheless a little clammy with its green, dull walls; the non-renovated kitchen; but what hit home the most was its amazing bareness.

The current tenants were 27-28 years old at least I guess, but the place was non-equipped to say the least. There was a TV set, a stove and a fridge, but no washing machine, no water heater and no bed. It just didn't seem like home to me. I would have expected to walk into the home of a 27-year-old to see it filled with a comfy sofa and some basic decor to make it look homely. But no, there was nothing else. I guess the frugality of some people just never ceases to amaze me. At their age, how can they not want to live comfortably? Or maybe their way of comfort is just to be able to watch the TV, watch some DVDs on their laptop, and cook up a nice meal occasionally. Not to mention the many sports venues available outside. (Anyway I guess if you don't really like something you can always cook up dozens of excuses for yourself not to live with it.)

Afterwards, I was going on and on about it until Leo remarked, "Your place is also very frugal." I was stunned. It's true. Have I lived way too long in my comfort zone to realise that my place needs some sprucing up? Seriously?

Anyway, since both of us started dating, he has been slowly giving my place a facelift and making it a better and more comfortable place to live in. :)

This weekend, he bought a working desk to put in the living-room so that both of us could work comfortably in our own space.

RM149 working desk from Giant

We missed the great promotion for the cherry-coloured + shelf version desk for only RM199. Now, the price has been hiked up to RM259! But how would we know, the promotion only lasted 4 days. Anyway, I'm glad we got this one. It's lighter and fits the living-room's dimension better. My desktop computer is also on it so now I can start to learn Photoshop! :)

"Honey, you can sleep in the living room tonight" style sofa-bed.

Today, he brought over the sofa-bed from his house to place in my living-room. What is missing now is just a TV and a bookshelf to put all my favourite books and magazines.

Kelly and Berry, you won't be able to recognize the living-room now!

Stitch looking at us??

Although my place is still far from ideal to live in... but I believe, we're getting there. Thank you sweety, for transforming my place into such a comfy little corner called Home. :)


家勤 said…
羡慕ing ~!
pik lay said…
This Leonard too good to you la.. he even brought his sofa bed to ur house just for deco? hahaha.. you maybe can get a tv from tesco, those no brand one probably like few hundred.. but cannot last long .
leonardlcy said…
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KellYg@n said…
The TV tuner is not clear when make it to full size, the price would not go far from a cheap plug TV ;D So maybe what you need is a TV.. wao..the house is transformed..very nice..
tvc said…
yup ..TV tUNER IS NOT THAT Clear always .....my one is also not that 'BRANDED' one ...AKIra ..can tahan for many years ..from Cyberjaya D16 till now ...should be more than 3yrs ..

That sofa bed .. Leo is prepared for himself when xweing tendang dia keluar dari bilik ???...hehe
JoyceLee said…
Nice Sofa bed~~
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