Sigh... spent a bomb this week...

With a sudden rush of adrenaline, Leonard decided to send my desktop CPU (which I'd abandoned for good since it hung on me a few times~) to Bukit Jambul for repair. One of the RAMs was spoilt (why couldn't I have debugged it earlier?!) and my computer needed reformatting (60% of the space was taken up by some virus).

So, that's a RM155 gone~~~ *sob*

Then on Sunday I suddenly found a hole in the right passenger door, a 10-cent size hole caused by rust!! All Iswaras face this problem... that conniving Proton trying to skimp on anti-rust! Sent my car for repair yesterday at the local car beating shop... poor Izzy... poor purse... another RM300 flown to the wind~~~ *double sob*

Again, I forgot to take photos. What a lousy blogger I am...!


TVC said…
each of us donates 1 cent to you lor ....then no more pooRRRRRRRRRRRRR...HAHA!!!
TVC said…
ya ...i donate 1 cent plus RM200 Poh KONG voucher to u ...hehe!!!

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