PDC Annual Dinner

I was halfway back to my cube from the toilet when it suddenly dawned on me. A mug. A plant. And a dinner. That basically summed up my first ever company annual dinner.

By God, was that uneventful.

Engineers need mugs. I like the color tho. :)

The cup was given to each of us because some of the engineers just aren't environmental-friendly and like to use paper cups just for a sip of water. (Can't blame us, we're electronics engineers and not environment engineers.) There's a new coffee machine too, but that's another story.

Nice poster...

I liked the poster design very much. But, ever since I got to know the dress code was casual, I hadn't felt much excitement about the dinner because I wouldn't need to dress up, which was good in a sense because some of us were so busy with work and would really prefer a no-fuss, no-stress dress code; yet, boring in the sense because all along I had anticipated a glossy dinner event which would be quite becoming for a department of this stature. (Nevermind that we are all engineers!!)

So here comes the "dress-up, dress-down" worry on the day before the event. Actually I already had a plan what to wear all along, and there's a voice in my head mimicking my girlfriends Berry and Kelly, if they were here, they would say, "Dress up lah! Don't care..." And at a hotel function, I guess you can't go wrong...

So I wore like this. Tea-time in the garden.

The venue was at Bayview Beach Hotel, Batu Feringghi, and the weather was hot. I was already sweating profusely in my black strap top and flirty green skirt. Furthermore we were standing under a big tent where the air was stuffy, and later we had to go on a hunt for some hidden snowmans. Loved the garden tho. Wish I had brought my bikini so that I could dive into the pool for a quick swim.

Looks like a chapter out of our biology textbook. Hey, one got lucky!

Fortunately for us who were melting in the sultry heat, we were allowed to enter the dinner hall fairly soon. There were balloons everywhere. Suddenly, it felt like prom night to me.

Jin Wen and her happy balloon.

We had an 8-course Chinese style meal, listened to a self-indulged emcee/ failed-stand-up-comedian crack political/ Ms. South Carolina/ Canadian jokes, watched some bands play (the boyband was great!!), watched some models parade down the catwalk in recycled material, and listened to a lecture about how to save Mother Earth.

I'm not trying to be sarcastic here. I dunno-lah. Just feel nothing special about the whole event.


*Another shot of us both*

*Me looking scared of Wee Meng*.. haha :P

*My group from work*

*Me with the model who won*

The whole affair ended quite late and no, I didn't win any lucky draw again... as expected.

Nice and special door-gift in line with the "Live Green" theme.

The only thing that made the whole thing genuinely special was the doorgift the next day. It's so nice, I put it in my bedroom where it can absorb plenty of sunlight.

Perhaps next year I should get myself involved or something so I can feel some sense of excitement and accomplishment.

That's it, my rather uneventful first company annual dinner.


libelly said…
I like the "*Me*" pics, u looks nice!
The 1st pic with Leonard also not bad =)
JoyceLee said…
Not so much of a "dressing up" ocassion but it's still an event of rememberance, and you look pretty in the skirt and top :D
~charng said…
Hey, you look really nice!
Xweing said…
Thanks all!! :D
KellYg@n said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
KellYg@n said…
HEI..as I expected,你的照片引起社会巨大的回响。。真的好kawaii..
pik lay said…
i dont like the blue mug. I prefer mine the red one.. haha.. pretty buddy.. good entry.
tvc said…
hmmm..still look nice ..but ..personally ...i think last time gold gold one better (dunno which prom nite in MMU one) ..hehe
Xweing said…
Keke... and now we've got a tumbler!!!

Of course, that gold gold one make me look like a Cleopatra mar.. whahaha... u still remember even tho u jz c it at night after prom :P
abeautifulmind said…
hmmm... electronics engineers also can be environmental friendly what.

But why gave a cup, instead of not putting paper cups at all?

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