Sayonara, Sensei!

Karate Group

Thanks to Yee Yong (3rd from right), I joined the Intel Karate Group not long after I started work. I still remember what Yee Yong said to lure me to join, "Xiao Wei, faster join lar... the sensei is very handsome...!"

And so I joined. Even though I hadn't picked up martial arts since I stopped my Taekwondo training after Standard Six. Of course, apart from can see leng-jai, the most important thing is that I'm able to do some physical exercise, train up my stamina, concentration, and discipline, and also maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as learn some kick-ass manoeuvers.

Me in action! Style or not?

I feel happy to have a fixed training schedule every Monday. I feel more at ease with group martial arts training than play ball games, because my hand-eye coordination is not good.

From a white-belt novice, sensei and my other senpais patiently trained me into the bluebelter I am today. 'Cept that sensei says I still bounce up and down, Taekwondo-style, while doing my kata.

More of my groupmates in action...

Senpai Seng Chee - slap kick

Senpai Abdullah - front kick (this fella geng...)

Poster gal Shee Loo doing a side kick

Taekwondo master Yee Yong maintaining a side kick

Some new people joined in, and new friendships were forged. I feel happy to see them whenever I bump into them in front of the toilet or at the water cooler.

Girl power!

Training session - yes serious, I know I shouldn't smile... :P

Dragon-ball Z

But now sensei is leaving Intel. It came as a bolt out of the blue. Suddenly feel sad... it's like your fate with someone is just so predestined and so limited. Also, reality is really harsh at times.

Sensei and the girls...

Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end. Sensei, we wish you all the best... hope you get a better job, and a bright future ahead. Hope that our paths will cross again, God Bless!

Never thought our 2nd group dinner would be the last...


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