All we need is time

~looks just like a toy train set, doesn't it?

I was watching Season 3 of Grey's Anatomy when I heard this line:

"We can get over it. All you gotta do is survive."

Life is a series of misadventures the way I see it. Like hiking up the Penang Hill. You could start off on the wrong route, fall down and hurt your foot, stop every 10 metres to catch your breath due to lack of stamina; or choose to persevere until you reach the top. You can get over every bound and obstacle, and be the king of the world, as long as you survive.

No matter what games life plays on you, no matter what injustice has been done, no matter what goes awry when you pick a Chance; all we need is time. Time to heal what went wrong. Time to make a difference. Time to wait it out and see. Time to survive through the storm and uncertainties of life.

And if you wait long enough, the tram will soon come up to where you are.

~taken today during Penang Hill hike.

It was a tough one, but I was in better shape than my first hike up Penang Hill during the Lions Club Charity Hike nine months ago. The hikers were WM, Leo, Lionel and I. We took the route at the Botanical Gardens which consisted of a steady flight of stairs all the way up. At first we couldn't find the entrance but luckily a cute guy kindly showed us the way. Leo told me the number of steps was almost as many as Bukit Jambul. It really didn't feel that easy! I stopped for a few times until we reached the flat pass where we could hear sounds of the waterfall. We chose not to go down to the waterfall and hiked up to reach the tar road before the halfway point. It was weird, there was nobody there. After taking some photos, we continued up the tar road to reach the top of the hill. I guess my frequent hikes to Bukit Jambul and runs on the treadmill really paid off. It didn't feel so dizzy and my stamina was much better than before! Next hike: Air Itam Dam :)


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