Fly me to the moon

~Balloon collage, sundown on Sunday

Inspired by Edwin & Sarah's balloony wedding photos, we decided to take some similar shots.
No-lahh, I was just joking. It was just a stroke of romance on our part. :-)
But we did bring home the balloon from their wedding dinner.

It was a lovely Sunday evening;
The living room floor flooded by the golden rays of sunlight;
And the pink balloon bobbing up and down near the balcony, afloat on the wind.
I was relaxing by the balcony after a hectic day.
He asked, "Wanna let go of the balloon together?"
I thought, "Great!" and brought my cameraphone.

We posed for a few pics...
My hair, wet and clingy from my bath;
My face too dark, shaded from the sun;
And we couldn't control the wind!
But that didn't block my happy smile from shining through.

Peals of laughter shoke the apartment,
As we strived to get that perfect shot;
But we didn't need to try too hard,
Perfection was already there in our contented hearts.

At the end of it all, we put our fingers together to make a LOVE shape.
Leonard claimed it was deformed; I thought it was cutely formed! ^_^
With a count of 1, 2, 3 and a wish,
It was time to let the balloon go...

Up, up and away it went,
The pink pastel balloon flying away into the skies.
Where it would land on the moon,
And sing a joyful tale of us among the stars.


pik lay said…
you guys need a camera.
家勤 said…
the heart sharp picture is a nice shot ~!
joyce said…
rukawa said…
hahahaha, really similar to edwin's
but bery lomatic also :)
~charng said…
Sweet! love the poem :)

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