New York, New York

I had always dreamt of going to New York to lead a Hollywood life. To share a cozy apartment with 5 cool housemates like in F.R.I.E.N.D.S., to ride in a horse carriage with Mr. Big in Central Park like Carrie Bradshaw, to witness the New Year's ball drop in Time Square...

So it was no surprise that when I first laid eyes on the snow globe in the shop window... I had to have it! Sadly, I missed the chance as I was in a rush then.

However, my sweetie gave me a surprise today as I came back home from work and saw my New York, New York lovingly wrapped and placed on my desk!

However, one look rendered me a shock! I gazed clearly into the snow globe... and saw to my dismay... the Statue of Liberty's head decapitated!!!

It seems that the Statue of Liberty's head had fallen among some buildings... Oh my God! What a disaster... as this was the last snow globe in the shop!

Bad omen... or testament of Leonard's calamity??? I wonder!


pik lay said…
haha.. i think maybe he knocked the head off when he walking back from the store
libelly said…
haha... he never notice?
penpusher said…
Oh no! You must be devastated! :(

NYC is amazing, you really should visit it one day!
Xweing said…
Nolar.. memang store defect.

He didn't notice cos he was in a rush to buy it during lunch hour n place it in my house so that I would get a surprise when I got back from work. Anyways, it's the sweet thought that counts.

Hehe... I think that it is a too eerie coincidence... so in the end, I decided to keep it. It's SPECIAL. :)

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