One New Experience at Teluk Tempoyak

Teluk Tempoyak, Penang

All photos here are by courtesy of Uncle Sim. :-)

A couple of weeks ago, I arrived at this breezy little fishing village called Teluk Tempoyak, located at the southern part of Penang Island. I was there for some leafleting activities, not so much of a participant, but more to watch and observe.

To reach Teluk Tempoyak, we had to go downhill away from a winding road near Batu Maung. Down and down we went, and voila! It was the sea.

Getting a seaview is not unusual in Penang. But this felt different. Secluded. This was unchartered territory. A Malay kampung which I wouldn't have had any chance to set foot upon if not for the activities that day. A paradise. A place where the noises and worries of city life in Penang were forgotten for a moment here, lost upon the salty sea-breeze.

Lovers' Bridge

They say the ikan bakar is tasty here. I have yet to try it but I found a blogger here who has. We stopped to pose for some pictures and hurried back to join the group.

Kerch and I

Then, we went to see some goats. It was my first time in a kandang kambing. I must say, the place really smells like lamb chop. I think goats are really weird. When I went near the kandang, the goats actually poked their head out to look at me. I find them strange because they actually look straight into your eyes with a knowing stare, like someone gone demented. I don't know other animals who look that way! It's like they know a deep, dark secret of yours that you aren't supposed to tell anyone. Gives me the creeps, if you know what I mean. Kerch said the goats reminded her of the movie "Black Sheep". There was one goat which looked like a pony (not the one below).

Again, reminds me of someone I know.
(Yes, it's that same someone whose face was linked to the lizard in my previous post.)

My friend is right. Sometimes taking a day off to experience something new is better than shopping in Queensbay Mall or Sunshine Square. My life has just started to get more interesting.


joyce said…
I used to be a shopaholic. Back then, shoppping was simply irresistable! But i've matured into a new phase of me that shopping is not the "in" thing anymore.

Adventuring into nature, doing something different is more meaningful...

Ps: mayb im getting old...hehe

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