Random Ramblings

#1. The world is filled with weirdos.
到底是人家奇怪,还是我不了解人家呢?(Are they really weird, or am I the one who doesn't understand them?)

#2. I always have nightmares of people trying to hunt me down and kill me or nightmares of people killing each other.
This morning I had a nightmare before 8am.
I dreamt that I was driving towards Jusco Ipoh and suddenly heard sirens of police cars coming in my direction.
Suddenly there was a shootout between a cop car and a car full of Sharlinie's abductors, happening right in front of me.
Panicking, I reversed my car and turned right at the junction.
Then, I ended up near a huge mound of yellow sand where apparently, some people were burying a lovely yellow dog.
And then I woke up.

Like I said, I always have these kind of nightmares.
When I was young, I dreamt of ninjas coming into my grandmother's compound trying to assasinate my family.
And I also dreamt of running away from some bad guys near my house, and hiding in a drain.
And a weird clown chasing and trying to capture me at a circus.
You might say I have been watching one too many cop dramas.
But actually, all I watch nowadays are medical dramas.

#3. My left eye has been twitching for one whole week.
They say 左凶右吉.
*Touch wood*!
I hope nothing happens.


cc said…
My eyelids stimes keep on twitching.
And I could never remember whether it's actually 左凶右吉or左吉右凶.

So, when the right one twitch, it's 左凶右吉..vice versa. Hahaha~
SONblogger said…
You just watched too much movies, serials or cartoon....might be due to novel reading as well.....
weixuan said…
when i read this, my first reaction was .....


u have such a wild imaginations!
Anonymous said…
Can u dream of future, or 4D...haha
abeautifulmind said…
agree that the world is filled with weirdos.

Maybe to others, we are the weirdos?
Xweing said…
Nola... so geng meh... dream of 4D...

If I manage to win 4D from my dream... I will go around the world!!! And also treat all my blogreaders to dinner!!!


*See... dreaming again... :P

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