T.G.I.H. - Thank God It's a Holiday!

I'd been feeling a little down lately. I dunno, when things get out out of the norm, out of my control, I can't help but to feel a little out of my element. It feels as though... my fate is not my own.

It all started when I received a letter calling me in for an interview for the post of Air Traffic Controller. Well, some people may call it an "iron rice-bowl", but at the moment, I don't feel like relinquishing my engineering job just yet. To think that I'd spent this amount of years studying for my degree and giving it all up... to see my career gone after 6 years of bondage... I just can't bear to imagine all that.

It'd never dawned on me that one day I would take a written interview test... for the entire purpose of failing it. It feels somewhat guilty to do that. I dunno. There were five sections: interest, personality, common knowledge, IQ and understanding of English. Needless to say, I performed at the end of the bell curve for all five.

In the morning I was late for the test... not because I purposely wanted to be late, but because I didn't know that Penang Town was going to be so jammed on Thaipusam Eve. Leo came to find me for lunch, I had a lovely tandoori chicken meal at Sri Ananda Bahwan's together with another Indian girl who had come to sit for the test. It felt soothing to know that some people actually WANT the job!!

After the test, I took a stroll around the small aviary/menangerie at Dewan Sri Pinang. What a weird place to set up a mini zoo!! It proved to be quite de-stressing for me.

Tiny yellow flower - shot in macro mode with my SE K750i

Love-birds? Reminds me of my first kindergarten class - Mynah

Elegant peacock - though I thought the plummage rather dull

Reminds me of someone I know

Remnants of an ancient species

When I'm sad, I also tend to go into a food/movie binge to take my mind off the sad stuff. It's alright, I keep my daily exercise routine too. :) On Saturday I went for Peck Li's sumptuous wedding dinner (suckling pig!!). On Monday after karate I went to eat Bak Kut Teh at BB Cafe (nice!!) and watched Matchpoint (starring Jonathan Rhys Meyer and Scarlett Johannson) on DVD. Yesterday I watched Good Luck Chucky (hell lot of boobies and starring the fantabulous Jessica Alba) on DVD too. And on Thaipusam Day I went for the 3-course-meal at T.G.I.F. Queensbay and watched Cloverfield. I must say, I liked the movie... nevermind that it sounds like an Intel product codename!

Buffalo Wings & Celery with Bleu Cheese
Beef Rack with lotsa fries and BBQ sauce (not very nice and small portion... u can skip this)

Mud Pie - the entree and main course were not enough for 2, but this filled our stomachs!!

Leo says this looks like tanah runtuh!!

Do I look happier now? I guess I should stop being sad... if not I'll get fat!!


pik lay said…
You always eat nice food.. i dont really like the mud pie.. too filling.. too much.
joyce said…
Why suddenly they call you for an interview? You applied for the job? Hmm... becomming an Air Traffic Controller sounds cool to me though.. =)
L said…
Hey you know where I throw YHPL wedding photos hor?
leonardlcy said…
Its a chocolate mudslide...
Xweing said…
Pik Lay: Yea, the mud pie is really HUGE... wonder how those skinny gals can finish it and still claim to loveeeee it -_-'''

Joyce: Yea, I'm JPA scholar. Hv to apply for all 10 positions in SPA website only they will release me. One of the stupid positions I applied is this. But well, yea, there's 2 movies (one of them starring Angelina Jolie) about ATC (Air Traffic Controllers) and none about engineers!! So I guess yea, in that context, the job's kinda cool... :)

L: Dunno-lahh.. faster lahh.. I wanna see... mail to xweing@yahoo.com the website ok?
"Reminds me of someone I know" ==> Is that someone I know also? I am not sure whether u are saying that person...But u make me think of HIM....The IGUANA man who walks from place to place in Melacca MMU Library....
Damn....make me think of HIM.... ha ha ha
libelly said…
haiyohh....y that lichard dun wan to put name one....
Xweing said…
OoOOo... L is Lichard hor... not Libelly horr.. :P

Yes, yes... Of course I know where you upload 'em... I saw d! Peck Li's soooo pretty lerr.... ^_^

Nicholas: Sorry to say, that's not who I thought of when I saw that lizard. HAHAHAHHA! But yeahh! We had some great memories back then making fun of... IGUANA-MAN!! Whahahaha... :P And remember "Xiao Ming"? We said he look like the rat in Ice-Age... HAHAHHAHA

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