Pantai Jerejak Voters, Vote for Sim!

Vote for Sim Tze Tzin
for State Seat (DUN) Pantai Jerejak

Dear readers,

If you are voting in Pantai Jerejak, Penang, Sim is your man!


Sim Tze Tzin (age 32) is a Penangite from Chung Ling High School. For many UTM graduates, you might remember him as your Engineering senior and SRC (Students' Representative Council) representative. After graduating from UTM, he went on to study his Masters in the United States and worked for 5 years as a highway engineer in Silicon Valley.

He came back to Malaysia to work as a political secretary to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. He was the one who exposed the explosive V.K. Lingam (correct, correct, correct!) video clip to the public. Even though the ACA threatened to throw him into jail, he adamantly refused to reveal the source of the tape. (Read more of Sim and his mission at SimForMalaysia.)

How I know him:

He's my good friend Sim Tze Wei's brother. One day, Tze Wei, or Uncle Sim, as we fondly know him, suddenly called me up and told me, "Hey, my brother is going to contest under KeADILan for Penang state seat! Wanna be a volunteer?" I agreed. Later I found out that many of my friends, juniors and seniors from MMU had also signed up as volunteers! Some of them even took leave for 2 weeks to come up to Penang from KL to help out! It's so happy to be a part of a collaborative effort again with friends who have the same dream, and work together towards achieving it!

Call for volunteers:

For those who would like to MAKE A CHANGE - VOLUNTEER as a polling agent/ counting agent (PACA) today! You may go to KeADILan main operation room at the house directly opposite Vistana Hotel to volunteer your services. For Damansara people please click here.

I reiterate: sitting at home in front of your computer and complaining on your blog is NOT ENOUGH! We need as many helpers as possible to MAKE A CHANGE!



belinda said…
Damn! i so excited seeing u all so having fun working together to help up at Penang. i wish i can be there also with u all too, but cant take leave lar. Moral support can ar!? i so far from u guys.
for sure, i wil do my part at Melaka. :)
chen jie said…
yeah...let change it ...

xweing, c u in pg
Are you the one that I know????
只有楚门 said…
me going back penang also, hope to join u all on the 6th.. i wish i have a 2 weeks like your friends to support as well..
Xweing said…
Apa fishball?
Siapa Truman??

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