Dinner on a rainy day

Dinner for 3

This is what I do on a free evening -- cook up a meal for my loved ones. Fried ikan bawal with Leo's mom's cili garam rempah, stir-fried broccoli with roast pork, and omelette. This is our first dinner on our brand new IKEA tempered-glass dining table! \:D/ The dining table cost RM249 and comes together with a set of 4 chairs!

Took a 2 day break off helping with the election, cos I was really too spent. I never thought I'd say this but, I missed cooking! Hahaha... maybe, I am suitable for the kitchen afterall... :-)

I have RM60 worth of Borders vouchers... after the election I'll go book-shopping... use my vouchers to buy The Virgin Suicides and also Grotesque or 19 Minutes. I also miss reading... badly.

I fell in love with a couple of songs airing on FlyFM recently - Chris Brown's "With You" and Buckcherry's "Sorry". The former is now my ringtone and the second, well, that day I lost my temper and lashed out at a few friends in front of many others. So, I'd like to dedicate "Sorry" to the two friends whom I marah-marah. :P You know I really didn't mean to. Maybe feeling a bit tired and blur recently. Sorry~ ^_^


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