Prontip Thai Restaurant

Ask any Penangite where is the best place for Thai food in town, and I bet they will point you to Prontip Thai Restaurant.

Prontip Thai Restaurant is located at Lebuhraya Peel, near Island Hospital.

We first read about Prontip in Weekender, The Star. The great offer there is on weekdays from Mon-Thurs (12 noon-2.30p.m.), Prontip offers a RM9.90 buffet lunch with plenty of hot, spicy Thai dishes to choose from! Leonard tried the buffet lunch before, and said that it was really value for money!! Dinner is different, without buffet, ala-carte style.

One night, I was taking a night off from the election campaign, and didn't feel like cooking... so I bugged him to bring me somewhere nice for dinner in town. He suggested Prontip, which was great for my tastebuds, plus we could go for a round in town afterwards!

What we ordered for 2:

Fish cake

The fish cake was recommended by The Star. For 2 pax, we ordered 1 pc. It was absolutely fragrant and the bit of fish cake just glided down my throat.

Chilli pork (keng mu)

The moment Leo saw this on the menu, he had to have it. Throughout dinner, he kept on praising and praising the chilli pork - everyone knows Babas have extremely high standards when it comes to spicy food - he said that this was one of the most authentic-tasting Thai restaurants he had ever been to! The chilli pork comes with long beans so you don't need to order greens, and with 2 bowls of white rice, is definately a balanced enough filling for two!

Tom Yam seafood

Yummm... what Thai meal is complete without a hot, spicy bowl of tomyam soup to wash it all down?! Like I mentioned just now, fish cake plus chilli pork was sufficient for 2 pax, but I just had to have this. This pot of tomyam is the smallest size, yet, it contained more seafood than any other tomyam soup you eat in other restaurants! You can actually eat the squids and prawns to your fill... and not just a skimpy one or two prawns like in usual restaurants.

Nice, clean, bright environment with aircon

If you and your colleagues are planning for lunch but dunno where to eat, do pop by Prontip to get a taste of extremely well-cooked Thai cuisine! Tables are big enough for a huge family... call 04-2282234 or email for reservations.


pik lay said…
I want to go..
libelly said…
oh!!! u remind me of the delicious thai food in thailand... I miss tom yam soup!!!!
joyce said…
Hey i've been to this restaurant for their lunch buffet and the food was good:)
晨晚 said…
u made me hungry~ uuuuuwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :(( :(( :((
Xweing said…
Wahahaha... next time I bring y'all go... ok? ^_^

Stay tuned for more food updates!! A bit tired of writing all these political stuff liao... :P
KellYg@n said…
Bring me also..hehe
leonardlcy said…
yeay! I got my girlfriend back from the clutches of PKR!

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