Teambuilding in Queensbay Mall

Maybe this year's increment is not so good, but luckily there's still some little small bits of compensation in the form of good food and fun activities to make us err... not to say happier, but to hate the company less. :P

This quarter we had our project teambuilding at Queensbay Mall. First was a lunch buffet at T.G.I.F.'s and a photohunt inside the mall. Interesting!

My plate

I didn't know that there's lunch buffet at T.G.I.F.'s until now. However judging from the food prepared I guess it was not really a lunch buffet, but more like food ordered according to headcounts, specially prepared for us in a buffet style. In short, it's not an "eat all you can" buffet.

On the table were 3 kinds of sauces(tartar sauce, mustard, ketchup), salad, fried fillet with breadcrumbs, macaroni and cheese bites, grilled chicken, buffalo wings, spaghetti and bottomless Coke and ice lemon tea. Btw, I didn't take any photos cos I felt it was embarassing to do so in front of an enormous bunch of colleagues and managers whom I didn't really know.

The food was not unforgettable; a guy colleague said the macaroni and cheese bites was fantastic at first but after the second piece he felt so jelak of it, the grilled chicken tasted like rock, the spaghetti had too much garlic in it and the buffalo wings lacked of its usual springyness. But oh well, it's a free lunch and I'm not complaining! :-)

Colleagues filled the place

After we had our fill, we embarked on a very interesting game - photohunt! No camera was required, we were given a list of photos of shop logos (or should I say, partial logos and some vague clues). All we had to was find out the shop name and which level it was on!

Some examples were like the golden half-arch (McDonald's), pieces of chicken tumbling out (KFC), a 'D' (BORDERS), Yamaha logo... just to name a few. You must think it's easy, especially for someone like me who goes to QB Mall every week! But no! There were some very HARD ones, like the background of Starbuck's, cropped part of Taiwan Bull, two black dots which appeared to be Häagen-Dazs, and a bird logo that looked suspiciously like Royal Sporting House logo but was in fact Pos Malaysia. After we scoured the ENTIRE MALL from top to bottom for about 4 rounds (shopping also not so tired!!), we were still left with 4 out of 50 blank.

Verdict: I should go to QB Mall MORE OFTEN.

At the end, we still managed to reap the SECOND PRIZE! Not bad, eh? I remember WM said "if going by kiasu-ness, XW and 'someone else' will get first prize". And lookie who got the first prize! None other than Mr. Non-Kiasu-It-Seems WM! Really black horse! I think I go to QB more often than he goes to toilet!

All-in-all, we had a fun time and I think the teambuilding committee did an excellent job this round!

2nd prize Hamper!! Again, I'm not complaining!!


pik lay said…
haha.. how can mr WM won? He seldom goes to QB Mall right? Really miracle
joyce said…
Congrats! u won a hamper:)
rukawa said…
haha, since when teambuilding become teameating?
WM good in treasure hunting also, i think.
Blogger said…
Anyone here needs a FREE MC DONALD'S GIFT CARD?

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