Happy Anniversary! ^^

22 pink roses just becos I love 'em
4 red gerberra for the fourth month of the year
26 stalks of flowers for that special day

April 26! It's our day!

Seeing the flowers in my living room made me think of my first bouquet,
more than 365 days ago.

He was secretly let in,
and I with my hairdryer on, blissfully unaware.
I opened the door at with my handphone ringing,
and shouted, Ahhhh!!

I wish these flowers would last forever in full bloom,
and our love,
growing stronger and stronger each day.

I'm one happier girl ever since you found me.

Happy 1st Year Anniversary, darling! (LOVE)


jing said…
so very sweeeeeet! ^^
Invisible said…
happy anniversary ^^
F!ojo said…
Congratulations... May the love between you guys last forever and ever...
So happy for you. Me tears trickling down dee... so touched.
Fang Fang said…
it's so nice to be in love right?
happy anniversary! and hoping for more to come. :D
joyce said…
Happy 1st YEar Anniversary!! Stay happy and YAn Oii together :)
libelly said…
nice red (looks like orangy pink) gerberra!
pik lay said…
happy anniversary my buddy.. wish that you get married this year
Xweing said…
Thanks, all!

Buddy!! When you coming back to Malaysia?!
rukawa said…
sorry xwei to borrow your comment space ya "p
FangFang, I see you everywhere in blog comment ler. Recently very free ler, so can read blogs in office ler =)

to xwei and babaleo, happy belated aniversary =)

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