Movie Marathon

On our anniversary night, after eating a nice dinner at No Eye Deer, we went to Batu Feringghi to buy DVDs. BF is the cheapest place to buy DVDs in Penang - going at RM4 per disc! ^_^

Ta-da! My collection of DVDs which cost me RM50+! I quote a colleague saying yesterday, "earn so much money also dunno where to spend it" - so, since I was deprived of going to the cinema for so many weeks, I decided to splurge on DVDs!

From left!

Series: the ever-scandalous Gossip Girl (complete first season), the everybody's-f*cking-each-other-at-the-same-workplace Grey's Anatomy (fourth season), and the sadistically-funny House M.D. (fourth season),

Movies: The Other Boleyn Girl (Hot! Hot! Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson), 27 Dresses, P.S. I Love You and Definately, Maybe! Yes!! I love funny, soppy movies!! I wanted to get Miss Potter too but I let go of it and couldn't find it again... :-(

And finally, got my hands on Keith Urban's Greatest Hits album! (Yes, the one that married Nicole Kidman after Tom Cruise) Totally love his swoon... Leonard asked me since when I listen to country music... :P Recommended tracks: Making Memories of Us, Tonight I Wanna Cry, Days go By. Guess this CD will be my sole companion whenever Leo's not around... *sob sob*

And, seems that there's also "branded" illegal DVDs, the ones with better quality compared to the rest! =_=''' Choose those with holograms (see the stars, stars on the cover) and with the circle 9.


K.P. said…
Xweing said…

Yea, I definately feel so guilty right now... :-(

That's why, IF I HAD THE TIME, I'd go support at cinema... :P
joyce said…
WAaa... keng keng!
libelly said…
nowadays dunno where can find the "branded" pirated DVD
abeautifulmind said…
earn so much money then should support at cinema what... :p
rukawa said…
I misunderstood BF for boyfriend, but is for Batu Ferringhi "p
~charng said…
wow, all my fave movies and series!!! Plus , i have Miss Potter.. you want? :)

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