Rented Out!

It's time for me to find housemates again.

This time round, I actually get to pick my housemates coz enquiries have been pouring in from!

I prefer females - it's always easier to walk around the house in your nighties.

I wanna have hip housemates, the likes of Rachel, Monica and Phoebe (Friends), Izzy and Meredith (Grey's Anatomy), Serena van der Woodsen and Blair Waldorf (albeit they have a penthouse of their own in Gossip Girl)!

But seems it's so hard to find in Malaysia... or maybe I watch too much Hollywood... :P

Well, I don't hope for much. Just hope that I can get along with them, they're clean, help around in the house, not bitchy nor calculative!

Hope everything goes well. XOXO!


jing said…
Gossip girls nice or not???
I heard bout this drama a lot from the 8 gua celebrity web site that I always visit. Hehehe~
Xweing said…
Damn nice ok? Keke.. I am totally hooked.. beautiful girl, handsome guys (albeit too much younger than us!), a lifestyle that I'll never have..

Something like those high-school decadent teenage lifestyle drama la.. like The O.C., One Tree Hill.. but this IS Manhattan! So much classier!

U gotta catch it.

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