Lilypie - First Birthday

Tuesday, July 15, 2008





nYnY_berrY said...

My dear, cheer up! nYnY sek sek you! You can try eating bananas. It's helps too!

Joseph said...

Because the one how use to eat chocolate with you is no longer eating it with you. Girl, be strong! 1 year, is just a twinkle of an eye. BF "temporarily" not here, but still got friends ma~ jia you~ (try ice-cream then...)

pik lay said...

You are under work stress... That's the 40% of your worries

Coketai said...

Happy is deep in the heart!! Oh! not all part of the heart just a corner of the heart so discover them and bring them can and everybody can!!

Go to read a good book or listen to a nice song....go deep into your lovely memory-- hopefully this can help!!!

Cheer up!

TVC said...


- Wern Sern said...

maybe you are just hungry and one box is not enough...:)
hope I'd brightened your day!