Simply Heaven

Today I received one of the loveliest bouquets ever in the office. The twelve roses were nearly in full bloom -- I love roses in full bloom! Cos I'm not a great gardener... the buds simply just don't open when I tend to them. My colleague and I were wondering what to call the color of the roses, I thought it was champagne color but it seems champagne is more to a pinkish shade, and they're not yellow enough to be called that. Finally I thought of one good description -- off-white! Haha! And the color of the roses go so well with the lavender!!! Hullo... 我久违的薰衣草!

If I could, I'd name the bouquet 'Simply Heaven'.

'Simply Heaven' in vertical mode

Since I'm going home today, it'll be a terrible waste to leave them in the office for no-one to see. Why not I just bring them back home? 我想把花束的意义带得更远。我要把它转送给一位病人,一位我亲爱的病人。外婆,祝你早日康复。

And thanks, my darling for the lovely roses. ^__^


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