Emily Giffin - Love the One You're With (Prelude)

I'm a rare fan when it comes to chick lit... no Sophie Kinsella whatsoever nonsense for me... but this book caught my eye when it was first introduced at Mostlyfiction.com. Since then I'd been waiting for more than 5 months for this book to arrive and to be sold on our shores... finally in Oct there's a paperback version selling... but at a ridiculously sky-high price!!!!

Since when did chick-lit deserve to be sold at such an offensive price!?

Cecelia Ahern's "P.S. I Love You" is another extravagantly priced book at Borders costing >RM50!

Ah well, I'd already read a few pages of "Love the One You're With" online... and well... although it does seem to be screaming out 'Justification!' when I'm having doubts and second thoughts in our relationship (no offense intended, honey)... I was totally hooked on it... and just can't wait to flip the pages... btw, I thought to myself, how many other paperback versions would there be?

Luckily it is Border's Best at 20% off this week... and together with my RM30 worth of Border's vouchers, I decided to buy it at RM22.72. But still... *sighs at the price*

Hope I shall have a good read at Genting this weekend. :-) And I shall once again re-discover that yes, I'm Lovin' The One I'm With...~


my17seconds said…
haha.. shopaholic series is okie lah .. :-p
JIaJIa said…
can I borrow?=D
Xweing said…
Jiajia, sure... when I finish I'll lend u. Sigh.. I'm so bored lately.. do you have any interesting books to read also? Let's exchange..
JIaJIa said…
xweing: emm...I feel sorry to read books other than Intel PRM nowsaday..When I started reading a book, I would ask myself why dont I use this time to read some MAS or PRM chapter..so I put down and flipping through the pages and dozed off very soon..pathetic life.
A bit off topic...yeah, I have chinese one. 六弄咖啡馆.read it before?

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