Genting Revisited

Just came back from a weekend company trip to The Land of Rollercoasters and Slot Machines. Somehow, I felt the trip with him on the bus was shorter last year. Time really flies when you're beside the one you love! Yaya... I know, I'm my corny-self again... but I couldn't help sighing looking at all the spots we'd been in together... celebrating my birthday at Starbucks, jumping on the bed in the hotel room, strapped onto the rollercoasters together, watching that god-awful Nicholas Cage movie on heavenly OSIM massage chairs in GSC, taking a photo on the Golden Gate Bridge replica... Wowee! I can't believe I'm actually gonna see the real one come next month!!!

So... back to the Genting trip... we checked in, had a quick shower and headed for the Theme Park straightaway. Going to the Theme Park I somewhat feel a lack of excitement, cos I have been on most of the rides for more than a dozen times now! *yawn*

Solero Shot
After going on this, all the remaining ones eg. Corkscrew are just childplay. But how? Do you think I can brave the Stratosphere Tower one? I think I'll just scream... "OMFGGGGGGGGG..." up there.

Waiting in line for the Solero Shot


Finally! Something new that I've been dying to try since its inception! RM10 if you have the all-day wristband, RM12 without it. What I felt: scary at first but after the first two turns you get bored and numb and gross after bumping your chin numerous times on the saliva/sweat-coated cushion which stinks to 7th heaven!

Afterwards, we went back to the hotel room to wash our face and hands before the dinner. First World Cafe buffet sucks... yet it kept me full... *whatever*. Continued with the Indoor themepark: rollercoaster, Motion Master (again, Ali Baba sucks!!) and bumper car!! Then went off to meet my bestie and her new bf for the first time! Spent some quality time alone with her afterwards... chatted with her until 2am.

The next morning, I saw a winter jacket sale! With lotsa advice from my extremely helpful colleagues, I bought 2 winter jackets - one for my mom and one for my dad - to bring to the U.S. The women's cost RM59 and the men's cost RM99. The inside was fleeced and the outside was wind and waterproof. So cheap!!! ^_^

And this is what I do when I'm waiting for the bathroom.

*End of story*


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