Our new Finance Minister / "future PM" = Out of Touch

From today's The Star:

DPM: Our economy is stable

KUALA TERENGGANU: The country’s economy is stable despite the financial meltdown affecting many parts of the world.

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said that although the Government cannot deny the fact that the domestic inflation rate had soared due to hikes in petroleum prices recently, it had embarked on several proactive measures to address the stability of the country’s economy. <-- WHAT proactive measures?!

“Our inflation rate is much lower than in neighbouring countries,” said Najib during the launch of the World Endurance Championship 2008 “countdown” at Gong Badak here yesterday. <-- Which neighbouring countries?! Myanmar? Indonesia?!

He said the Government also forecast that the instability of United States’ economy would have some effect on Malaysia’s economy. <-- 'Some' effect huh?! Very intelligent, coming from someone who studied Economics in the UK... spent too much time there studying or womanizing?!

He added that the Government would announce several packages to boost economic growth very soon. <--Let's see...

“The Government will also increase domestic expenditure to boost the economy,” he said.
<--What domestic expenditure? U mean in UMNO??

And just last month, after Wall Street crumbled after the bankruptcy of Lehman Bros.; coming from the mouth of Sen. John McCain himself: "The fundamentals of our economy are strong"... then a few days later changed his words to: "the fundamentals are at great risk".

Sound familiar, Najib? Duhhh... It is definately not a good sign for Malaysians when our new finance minister cum "future PM" is SIMPLY OUT OF TOUCH!!


leonardlcy said…
Just watched the news on NBC last nite. It was very funny. They asked a question to McCain and he just kept silence and stumbles around for a few minutes until the host gave the floor to Obama. I guess every country has a Najib / Abdullah equivalent!

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