Step into my new shoes

Bought 2 new pairs of shoes from Queensbay Mall on Sunday. Not feeling any regrets up till now cos I haven't bought anything for myself for so long! Been saving for my U.S. trip which is on the 20th, gosh, the exchange rate is mean!

Black peep-toe low pumps - RM49.90

White ballet flats - RM39.90

There's a disadvantage to buying cheap shoes - they scrape your skin badly and leave scars! Leo told me not to buy anymore - Guess flats cost only $10 in the U.S.

Whoopee! ^__^


pik lay said…
next time if you buy new shoes, bit them first before you start wearing. :D
Cathrane said…
you going US? help me to bring back Coach~~ =P
Xweing said…
piklay: useless 1. i tried that b4 :P

cathrane: haha.. too many requests. need to c whether i got luggage space 1st :P
JIaJIa said…
pik lay, i bite my shoes but then she still bite my skin.
蓝双子 said…
nice nice ~~
p3if3ng said…
I like the white shoes as well! Get your adhesive plaster when you wear these! :p

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