In-N-Out burger

When I came back from the U.S. one of the frequent questions I get from my colleagues is: "Did you try the In-N-Out burger? The fries are very nice..."

I said "Yes!"

I didn't know the fastfood joint was one of the best then!

Yummy fries!

Their fries are really thick, big and REALLY fresh! I saw the kitchen workers taking huge potatoes, peeling off their skin and straightaway cutting and frying them!

My regret is: why didn't I eat more In-N-Out fries?!


贤智 said…
yeah...i tried this before also when i was in US. really Yummy.... :)
pik lay said…
OK I didnt. But I dont mind. I dont fancy fries.. :P
古越遺民 said…
haha. one thing may not know. all the outlets of in-n-out are all owned by one tauke, not franchise.

see how rich he is by selling 'healthy' fast food.

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