[San Francisco] Golden Gate Day

Week 1
Day 4 (Nov 23rd, Sunday)
Day 2 in San Francisco - Afternoon at the Golden Gate Bridge

This is a continuation from City by the Bay - Part I. After taking many photos of the extremely picturesque Marina Green neighbourhood, we crossed the road to the marina where we could catch a glimpse of the famed Golden Gate Bridge. This is one of the many many scenic points to view the Bridge.

On the boardwalk at the marina

May I say that those who live in the Marina Green neighborhood are greatly blessed? Imagine waking up to the song of seabirds on a Sunday morning, putting on your running shoes, and just cross over the road to start jogging along the boardwalk to a fabulous view of private yachts, blue skies, the sea and the Golden Gate Bridge. Splendid.

Scenic Point #1.

Here, the Golden Gate Bridge is far from sight. A bit hazy, but nevertheless it reaped a chorus of wows and sighs from us as our car passed it by earlier in the morning. You can actually go down to the rocks and take pictures there. On the opposite side (not in photo), you can see the Alcatraz island, which used to host some of the most notorious criminals behind its jailbars.

Scenic Point #2.

I don't really know the name of this viewpoint... Fort Point, I guess? It's like a park or something. We drove here. The Golden Gate Bridge looks nearer here. And the day was so much hotter, since it was getting to noon. I really, really loved this park... it was like you could just lay down on the grass and read a book while sunning yourself or something. And the happy screams of children and balloons nearby... simply... happy.

Behind, you can see the cityscape of San Francisco

A cute green globe with beautiful white daisies on it - it is a call from the city to preserve green spaces

Scenic Viewpoint #3.

Here we are finally, at the foot of the bridge. It was an exceptionally sunny day and the skies were clear of the signature San Francisco fog. Leo said it's extremely lucky for us that the weather was fine so that we could take great pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge. I wouldn't have minded seeing the fog though... that same fog which I see in most of my San Francisco postcards... that shrouds the Golden Gate Bridge and makes it seem like... a piece of heaven.

You can actually choose to rent a bike and cycle across the Bridge to Sausalito if you like. I can't cycle to save my life, so we walked! Halfway across the bridge we went... surprisingly it's so much shorter than the Penang Bridge! :-)

The Engineer who built the bridge - Joseph Strauss

The Golden Gate Bridge and I

For all my life, one of the places that I'd dreamt of going was to the Golden Gate Bridge. And actually being able to see it in real life was AMAZING. The Golden Gate Bridge's color is not gold, but is called 'International Orange'. (From Wiki, the 'Golden Gate' actually means the area of water where the San Francisco Bay opens onto the Pacific Ocean.)



pik lay said…
Yes, that's Fort Point. ;)
Fang Fang said…
same as you, Golden Gate is one of the places that i had always wanted to go.. i remember the first time i saw it was at Full House. remember the twins?
Xweing said…
Fang2, I didn't watch Full House when I was small.

The first time I saw it, was on a picture hanging at a restaurant in either Genting or Cameron Highlands. I was transfixed.

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