[San Francisco] Morning in Union Square & Lombard Street

Week 1
Day 5 (Nov 24th, Monday)
Day 3 in San Francisco - Union Square, Lombard Street, Ghirardelli Square

It's a beautiful morning in this picturesque city! San Francisco isn't known as the "Most Walkable City" for nothing, so today we're gonna walk, walk, and walk!

Union Square

We had breakfast at a café in Union Square. San Francisco embodies the charm of European cities in its open-air cafés, where people can sip their morning coffee and enjoy the sun.

Behind us is a really cute aid dog

I found the bartender pretty cute too! ^__^

Coffee and pastries

Skiing season - kids, parents, teenagers... all in a skiing frenzy!

Dewey Monument in the background. One month to Christmas and they were still decorating the Christmas Tree!

I left my heart in San Francisco

The iconic San Francisco cable car! We took the Powell-Hyde line to Fisherman's Wharf. Behind is the unique turntable that rotates the cable car around.

The inside of a cable car

It was fun going up and down the steep streets of San Francisco

Lombard Street

The world's most crookedest street! I'd only seen this in postcards from my colleagues but this was the real thing at last!

Coit Tower in the distance, a view from the top of Lombard Street.

Walking down Lombart Street

Lombard St. is a one-way street, looks pretty interesting to drive down! There are residential houses on each side of the street, I wonder if they're worth millions...? But I can't imagine the ruckus if I were to live there... all that noisy chatter from tourists passing by your window everyday, and the occasional horns... @_@

Obligatory family photo at the end of Lombard Street - a well-maintained and beautifully landscaped flower street (九曲花街).

More scenery and sights along the way to Fisherman's Wharf... chocolate trees and houses!

Autumn Entanglement

Group pic at the waterfront, at the back is the Golden Gate Bridge

Ghirardelli Square

Ghirardelli chocolates is a very famous San Francisco brand and the Square houses many speciality shops and restaurants. Basically, there was nothing much to see here, just to try some of its famous hot chocolate and ice-cream...

A clown played a trick on mama - spurted some fake ketchup on my jacket she was wearing! Gave her a real shock!

Christmas Tree in Ghirardelli Square -- one of many many more Christmas trees to come!

After visiting the Square we headed off to Fisherman's Wharf for lunch. We passed by a line of art galleries, and there was Salvador Dali's works on display! Leo and I had just read one of Stephen King's latest novels "Duma Key", where Salvador Dali is said to be "the scariest artist". Spent some time looking at his artwork in the gallery - a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland.


libelly said…
I love the pix with heart...haha...
赛柏拉斯 said…
do u feel the same with wat i feel? too many trip.. too little time to blog it :p
JIaJIa said…
A happy day right? a great coffee in a lovely morning:)
Xweing said…
libelly: yeah, me too! looks like typical 1980-ish photo.. hahah

mirage: i only wish the upload speed were faster! >.<

jiajia: lovely morning yes, coffee not that great actually... cant seem to figure out the correct amount of milk and sugar to add when hving coffee outside...

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