Cameron Highlands revisited Pt. 2 - The Smokehouse

On our way to the hotel, we visited the famous Ye Olde Smokehouse which is located near Brinchang. I've heard a lot about this place but this is my first time visiting. The Smokehouse is as pretty as a picture!!

Lovely white setting with all white walls and rattan garden chair and slow, spinning fan and white piano!! Totally my dream garden/ outdoor dining area~

We wanted to go in for lunch but the price was too exorbitant! A normal steak set would cost RM45 and above and the scones cost RM8.50! I'd rather go somewhere cheaper for lunch... but then again, if not in a big group, the romantic surroundings and "patrons-only" photo spots would be so totally worth the price~ Hmm... next time, perhaps?

Also a really nice place for some "pre-wedding photography"... ^__^

Flowers, flowers abound!

Dunno why, this picture reminds me of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs' cottage...

Pops of purple

Angel wings

And a pretty frame


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