Happier Days in Melaka - Part 3: Nyonya Dumpling

~photo courtesy of Ah Xian's blog

My favourite color combination is blue & white but I didn't know that there was a dumpling that looked this romantic until I met the Nyonya Dumpling. Two years ago when I first started dating the baba boy, he brought a nyonya dumpling made by his aunty for me as breakfast. *Love love*

Mom asked me to get some for her from here after she read about it in the newspapers. Turns out it's famous... and oh so yummy too! I ended up buying 10 of them.

Get it from:
106-E, Bukit Serindit, Melaka.
Tel: 06-283 4734

Best way to reheat is to steam it, not microwave it or it'll turn out stiff. Oh yeah and the Ba Zhang (salty dumplings) there are pretty famous too! :-)


JIaJIa said…
can I place the order next time you go melaka?:D
Xweing said…
Hey Jia, sure! ;-)
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