My birthday dinner at The Sire Museum Restaurant, Penang

For my "twenty-xth" birthday, Leo and I celebrated it over a casual romantic dinner at The Sire Museum Restaurant. This charming place is located at King Street, just across the Esplanade. In the evening, the street felt a bit deserted if not for the many cars parked outside The Sire restaurant.

The concept of The Sire is very special because other than serving food, it is also a museum, with more than half its space dedicated to a bountiful display of artifacts, antique furnitures and collections of the late Yeap Chor Ee and his family.

This is how the interior looks like. We were seated on the right, underneath a huge woven cloth banner given as a gift to Yeap Chor Ee from his brother/sister. There's a small mezzanine floor to the left atop the bar which gives a nice vantage point. While near the triple arched door there's a lovely wall filled from the top to bottom with lotsa greenery and potted plants! Though the dining hall is small, there's a different view from each table. :-)

Our table ♥

Food time!

Complimentary bread with cheese on top... yummm... but it looks a bit burnt here hmm...

My lamb chop. Hmm... to tell the truth it didn't taste great, perhaps becos of the "fusion" part... which I can't exactly tell.

His seafood spaghetti. This one turned out to be nicer than the lamb chop so halfway through dinner we just exchanged playes :-P

My cinnamon coffee. I hadn't had cinnamon coffee since year 2000 with Jia Yunn in Ipoh's Syuen Hotel. I felt so grown-up then, sipping coffee in a hotel lounge. The cup of coffee had somewhat evoked a sense of nostalgia...

Birthday girl ♥

After dinner, we took a quick walkabout through the museum. It's wonderful how the place looks small from the outside (just normal shoplot size) but it's huge enough to hold so many things and so many staircases and so many in-between mezzanine floors! Really good architectural design.

And there's even a pool at the back of the restaurant, and a small bridge to cross through! Instantly refreshing just looking at the water feature. Amazing how Yeap Chor Ee had lived back then...

Going up using the spiral staircase to a treasure trove...

There's even a conference table.

A lot of precious Peranakan chinaware.

And last but not least, thank you darling for such a lovely birthday treat. *Muah! (LOL I look really tired here...)


Jane Kong said…
Happy belated birthday!! *Kiss kiss*
joyce said…
Happie Belated Birthday Xwei! :)
May all your wishes come true ..
Anonymous said…
happy birthday.. i went there before, place is superb! and I had cinnamon too - soon tat
Xweing said…
Thanks, y'all!

Actually now is HIS birthday month :-P

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