SKII facial review

Thanks to the Jusco member birthday vouchers, I booked a facial treatment session at the SK-II counter in Jusco Queensbay. With the voucher, the facial costs RM58 compared to the original price of RM108. Hint: girls go faster apply for the Jusco card! The stack of birthday vouchers is so totally worth it~

So yesterday I went for the facial after work. I was so looking forward towards it cos I'd always heard about the miracles of SK-II (on TV, from friends, from aunty) but never got around to trying it yet. It was also my first time having a facial inside a departmental store. The lady led me to a darkened room where I changed into a tube gown, ready for my facial!

The process:
1. The lady dabbed a little aromatherapy oil on my face and neck to make me relax. She said my skin was a bit dry, so this facial would give me more moisture;
2. First cleansing;
3. Second cleaning - this was more thorough, I think it was gel-based;
4. SK-II Skin Rebooster to make my skin soft and supple - here she turned on a hot mist blower to open up my pores for blackhead extraction;
5. Extraction - ouch, the pain! Very torturing... and I had to endure listening to Hotel California (instrumental version) all the while;
6. Toner to sooth the skin close my pores;
7. Then came the SK-II Miracle Water (also known as SK-II facial treatment essence, see pic above)! Long-awaited moment... but she just dabbed a little bit of it on the center of my face! Didn't even feel it! :-(
8. Next the HIGHLIGHT of the facial - SK-II Pitera Mask - it felt SO wonderful to have the mask plopped on my face and the remaining liquid rubbed onto my décolletage *in heaven*... she used an ultrasound device for maximum absorption;
9. Here I fell asleep... zzz
10. Lotion and massage
11. More lotion and voila! Done.

Verdict: ***** 5 stars for an extremely pleasant and relaxing feeling when the product is on my face, non-itchiness, cooling, good face and neck massage, professional treatment. Almost wanted to give 4 stars for the just a little bit of Miracle Water used, but the Pitera Mask totally made up for it. I say, RM58 is more than worth the price. :-)


joyce said…
Waa, i also wanna have SKII facial....

Envy envy envy........ ;P
Janice said…
I have tried their mask only once. And it is awesome. :D But EXPENSIVE for just a piece of mask that can only be used once!
Xweing said…
Hey I just found out that their Whitening Source Derm Revival mask has some dissolvable smart chip that can deliver 7 times the secret ingredient to the most dullest spot!

So kua cheong... no wonder so expensive lah
libelly said…
RM58... si beh cheap! have u try on the whitening source derma revival? i want also....
pik lay said…
Haha. Last year when I got the vouchers, I threw them away because I don't have time to test or use them
Xweing said…
Peck Li: I don't think that was the mask she put on me. Maybe a cheaper verson loh. If you try it, lemme know!

Pik Lay: hey, dear buddy, u so kasihan ler... busy till like this, dont work too hard, *pat pat*
Frankie said…
Are u havin SK-II facial spa? wish we also got one in Kuantan. I'm using SK-II & love it... work perfectly fine on my skin.
Anonymous said…
Nice fill someone in on and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Say thank you you seeking your information.
Xweing said…
Hey Frankie, why isn't there one in the malls in Kuantan?? I went to the SK-II stall in Jusco.
Anonymous said…
nice post. I would love to follow you on twitter.

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