[Glendale] Coldplay Viva La Vida Tour

Week 2
Day 8 (Nov 27th, Thursday)
Coldplay Viva La Vida Concert Tour at Glendale

OMG this is sooooo 2008 but what the heck, I'm still posting it anyways!

On that same day we left LA, we rushed all the way back to Glendale, Arizona to catch the concert of a lifetime - Coldplay's Viva La Vida tour! It was their last leg of their American tour. The journey was incredibly far and took us more than six hours to reach because there was only ONE freeway from LA to AZ and the traffic jam was wayyy out of our imagination. Actually the route we took was more like this: LA -> Phoenix -> Glendale -> Chandler -> Glendale because we had to drop off our parents back at Chandler and also most importantly because the concert tickets were still in Leo's house!!

My baby/ driver was under extreme stress in the car because Coldplay is like his MOST FAVOURITE BAND IN THE WORLD EVER and he would give anything NOT to miss the concert. The long hours of non-stop driving had taken a toll on him but he still soldiered on ruggedly. I kept on calming his feelings throughout the drive and praying that God would not let this kind-hearted person miss the ONLY ONE thing worth being happy for since he had been so kind towards me and my family.

After dropping off my parents at Chandler it was already 8.30pm and he needed to use the toilet badly. The concert time printed on the ticket was 7.30pm and we kept on consoling ourselves that it was fine to miss one or two of the opening numbers. Leo, my brother and I then drove 25 miles all the way back to Glendale and it was already about 9.10pm when we reached the Jobing.com Arena. We rushed across the building to the elevator and we could still see 2 or 3 couples in a rush like us. In the elevator we were out of breath and I was almost shaking when I asked the guard, had the concert started? The kindly old man, seeing us panting like no tomorrow, gave us a wink, and said, "Coldplay wouldn't start without you! They're waiting for you... go go go!" And we were soooooo x100 relieved to hear that!! God is good! We would never have thought, U.S. concerts also start at Malaysian time!! :-P

The boys went in first while I grabbed 'dinner' - 2 hotdogs and 2 Cokes - for them. It was so expensive I decided to skip dinner and sip Coke instead. We hadn't had dinner yet...

Instantly relieved that Coldplay would wait for us... *tired but happy smiles*... I was wearing purple cos I so tremendously love that Violet Hill song!!

Before the lights went out... the stadium was PACKED! Every seat SOLD OUT! And hanging before us were a gigantic Canadian and USA flag. The seats were very steep and while I was balancing the hotdogs and Coke precariously some very sweet American girls sitting in our row exclaimed "Oh be careful!" and put their hands on my waist to gently help me across to my seat!

Viva La Vida album cover on the screen. And the full list of songs they played that night! They started out with "Life in Technicolor" and "Violet Hill" and I managed to capture "Clocks", "In My Place" and "Viva La Vida" on video. The concert was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC and we were shouting out the lyrics to every song at the top of our lungs!! A very poignant and romantic moment was when Chris Martin sang "Fix You"... I felt very touched and full of love at that moment. :-)

Chris Martin and the band!!!

OMG they brought their guitars and walked up the stairs to sing in the midst of the audience! So so so lucky if we could sit next to them...

There were huge dangling video globes that changed color with each song and fantastic laser displays.

And it rained confetti at "Lovers in Japan"!! The Glendale show was the last leg of Coldplay's American tour and we managed to catch it... all thanks to my darling who bought the tickets very early. :-)

And lastly before the camera batteries went dry, a blur pic in front of the arena. Very happening place actually with bars, pubs and restaurants and many youngsters. Everything was worth it at last, the frustration, the long long hours in the car, the hunger, the fatigue. We went home singing loudly all the way in the car, tired but EXHILARATED to have watched the CONCERT OF A LIFETIME!



pik lay said…
Leonard has this type of hand pose in many of his US photos. haha.
josze said…
Xweing said…
HAHAHA... Don't lah jealous... hope they will come Malaysia... then we can go catch them ^_^

Pik Lay: Yalah.. he like to act cool... he thinks he's so cool mah.. keke
leonardlcy said…
Thnx for blogging about this dearie. really brought back memories while watching the clip again. I was just thinking about this concert when Coldplay was performing live at the American Music Awards, which I caught on TV this Tuesday night.
YSLim said…
this remind me of the song
"Viva La Vida meet Love Story"

is a nice song!
Xweing said…
Wow... the arrangement is amazing!! Love it and am repeating it over and over again!! (L)
Anonymous said…
Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

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