[San Diego] A Love Story, Point Loma

Week 4
Day 23 (Dec 12th, Friday)
Day 1 in San Diego - Harbour Drive & Point Loma

Song of the Day: America's Sweethearts

On our fourth week in the USA, we made a trip to San Diego (圣地牙哥), a lovely historical city located on the California coast. San Diego is a six-hour drive from Chandler. After checking-in at our resort-feel Pacific Shores Inn at Mission Beach, we straightaway drove to Harbor Drive for a late-afternoon stroll and some sightseeing.

Harbor Drive
I think this is a pelican, cos it has a very large beak?

Naval ship. Due to its strategic geographic location, San Diego is an important naval base and is home to one of the largest naval fleets in the world.

Can see the downtown San Diego skyline from here. My impression of the city of San Diego is it's a very refreshing place to live in, with its clean air, cool sea breeze, and lots of interesting jogging routes along the coast.

Antique Ford in my favourite baby blue :-)

Marina area

Most perfectly-formed Bird of Paradise that I've ever seen

Point Loma (La Punta de la Loma de San Diego)

After loitering around on Harbor Drive, we then drove to Point Loma to view the sunset. Perched atop the hill by the bay is the old Point Loma lighthouse, a quaint old tower that no longer serves its original purpose today.

And here, I am going to tell you a love story, of how he popped THE question... (although it happened like ages ago @.@)

"It was our first trip together to the United States. At San Diego, we visited the Point Loma lighthouse, a quaint old tower located on a cliff by the bay. Faster, he urged me, let’s run to the top before the sun goes down. It was winter time and the air was freezing. With the wind tingling in the back of our ears, we raced each other like playful children to the top, the sky awash in the deep, rich, purple colours of sunset. On top of the hill where the lighthouse was, I was overwhelmed by the beauty and tranquilness of the whole place. "What a romantic place! How wonderful it'd be if someone were to propose to me now!" I gushed. At that instant, he got down on one bended knee and surprised me with a diamond ring from his pocket, the most beautiful and exquisite piece of jewellery I had ever seen. “Will you marry me?” he asked, while the seagulls circled and cried their evening song above us. I answered “Yes!” and we burst out in tears of joy, embracing each other in that everlasting moment. "

OK, I actually sent in the above story for a Diamond & Platinum story contest, but yeap, it's essentially a true version of what happened that day. I felt so happy, words alone could never be enough to describe how I felt that day... awash with mixed emotions, happy, blessed, touched, scared, unsure of what would come in the future... and a whole lot of that which lasted for like a full 2 minutes before I said "Yes!"

The day he proposed was 12/12/2008 (Chinese calendar 15th, full moon) and time flies so fast that now it's countdown 10 days before our Registration of Marriage date on 10/10/09! ^__^

Purplish sky... so very romantic!

San Diego skyline at night from Point Loma. Coincidentially it was a full moon due to the 15th day of the Chinese calendar. What a beautiful day to propose! 月圆人团圆!


josze said…
awwwwwwwwww so sweet. that's a nice nice place. lucky u!
joyce said…
Xwei, congrats!!

Very happy for the 2 of u :)
Xweing said…
Joan & Joyce, TQ very much!!
awwwwwwwww.....so romantic!!!!!! It's a good one~ The moment... lasting forever~ congrates on your ROM on 10/10/09. It's the same day as my friends wedding day too~

yea, there is an Alice shop in Oxford, I think you'll like it very much~!!
Michelle said…
hey Xwei, have to say, u look great since uni! u have to share with me ur secret and tips ^^

and i'm awfully touched with the romantic proposal. I'm soo happy for u & congrats~!

Happy Married Life!
Xweing said…
Thanks Michelle... well, there's no secret to it really, just plenty of exercise and staying positive + happy will do the trick~

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