Christmas Gift for Myself

Keke... since no one is buying me any Christmas gift... I bought myself one during PC fair! ^_^

Samsung 320GB USB 2.0 2.5-inch portable external hard drive in wine red. Love the size and the color! Also available in: Snow White, Piano Black and Choc Brown.

Price: RM205 with 3 years warranty. Leather pouch.

And tonight, I would be home alone on Christmas Eve if not for Lee Yee, who invited me to her ex-colleague's BBQ Christmas Party tonight! Hurriedly went to Jusco to buy the gift exchange yesterday after work. Yay! Happy~


pik lay said…
Merry Christmas to you!!!
josze said…
merry xmas!!! why are you alone? where is hubby?
Xweing said…
Merry Christmas to both of you too! Hubby is at Melaka... one week off w/o me... *sob... I don't have anymore leave, that's why.
libelly said…
nice hard disk!

Merry belated X'mas!
so cute!!
happy new year ya!
Gwen @ 小宝 said…
Dear Xiao Wei,
Happy 2010 to you too~
Have a great & healthy year ahead!!

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