A Christmas Play - The Nutcracker

Week 3
Day 16 (Dec 5th, Friday)
At Chandler

While we were in the United States, he brought me out for a formal date one day, which I thought was pretty cool, given the amount of US teen dramas I grew up on. We went to see a ballet performance called The Nutcracker, a very popular Christmas play. The play was at 7.30pm, at the Chandler Center for the Arts.

Before going for the ballet, he brought me to South Mountain, Phoenix, which is about a 40-mins drive away from Chandler. We drove all the way up to Dobbin's Lookout at 2,330 feet, just in time to catch the sunset. South Mountain is gazetted as a National Park and rangers check whether there is any alcohol in the car. All the way up are never ending views of the local cactus - saguaro.

This huge compass overlooking the city of Phoenix was presented by Mr. Nathan Straus from New York in 1960.

Orange glow of sunset
Happily and lovey-dovey together ^_^ I even put on a bit of purple shimmer eyeshadow, purposely for our date

Sat at this lookout hut watching as the sun disappeared and the curtain of dusk fell, with the half-moon high up in the clear sky

The Nutcracker, proudly presented by Ballet Etudes, a dance academy in Phoenix. Can book the ticket online and pickup later at Fry's. Only $8 per pax, I think!

Hanging out in the lobby before the play commenced. Bought a cute nutcracker for myself as a souvenir, cost me USD8! And then a few days later I saw an exact same one at Walgreens selling for only half the price...

The story of The Nutcracker is about a magical event that happens during Christmas, where toys come alive in the middle of the night. The main character, a little girl named Clara, wakes up at night to find that her toy, a nutcracker, given to her by her magician godfather has come alive, leading a regiment of toy soldiers to fight the evil rats in the kitchen, which have grown to be very huge. While the brave Nutcracker Prince is fighting the Rat King, Clara saves the Nutcracker and he invites her through a snow land ruled by the Snow Queen and her King and then to the Kingdom of Sweets ruled by the Sugar Plum Fairy. A festival of colorful dances is presented to Clara and the Nutcracker. At the end of it all, Clara awakes from her dream to find that the Nutcracker is just a doll.

Act I - Clara getting a Nutcracker Doll during her house Christmas party

Act II - The magical Snow Land. Snow Queen and King dancing

Act III - In the Kingdom of Sweets with many different dancers from all over the world

The music and ballet dance was simply beautiful, I loved it so much. It was a real treat for me as I have always wanted to watch The Nutcracker. Another dream come true in the US!

After the event, the Chandler Center for the Arts

And after the ballet, we went for a walk in downtown Chandler, which is kinda like the town center.

Tumbleweed Christmas tree, which is not lighted yet because it is only Dec 5. This tree is really special because it is made out of tumbleweed, which you usually see in cartoons where there is a dry tumbleweed ball rolling across the barren desert land. They have a special tree lighting ceremony and performances here each year.

Santa's House, where little children take photos with Santa Claus here. Also not lighted up yet. In fact, downtown Chandler is reaaaally quiet at night with only a few bars open for business. Not very happening. People would usually go to Tempe or Phoenix for the more happening nightlife.

The beautiful San Marcos hotel at night with the lit-up trees and the very romantic fountain in the courtyard. It was simply lovely to take a quiet stroll through this part of the hotel.

More lit-up trees...


josze said…
yoh jealousnya. your hubby so romantic leh plan so much things.
Xweing said…
i was the one who suggested to watch the Nutcracker! haha!

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