Arrival in Busan, South Korea

Oh, so today I finally reached Busan after a seven-hour trip from Penang. Departed from Penang airport at 8am, and transited at Hong Kong for two hours. Reached Busan at 6.40pm (Korean time, which is one hour later than Malaysian time) and was so relieved to see Su Lin and Sang Jung pick me up by car.

Weather's not drastically cold, it's somewhat like Chandler, late autumn.

Shall I make it a point to blog everyday? Today had more downs than ups... but I guess I'll try. Today I met a friend at the airport and I was telling him about how sad I felt to leave my hubby behind and he remarked that it was my choice, I could have simply just not come to Busan. I mean, how insensitive can that be? I was just trying to pour my feelings out to a friend and that was what I got. How insensitive to tell someone who has gone forward with her decision, that, she could have simply just pulled out the first place? Like time could go backwards, if you get what I mean?

Second. In the Hong Kong to Busan flight I leaned back on my airplane seat and accidentally caused the Korean uncle's beer behind me to fall and spill onto his lap. And he was back there shouting at me all the time yet I didn't hear cos I had my earphones on and was watching Gossip Girl on the in-flight entertainment. Shucks. I quickly dunked my apple juice, ran to the toilet and got him some tissue and then his face looked better. Getting to a new place has just not rid me of my calamity. :-(

Thirdly. I just went to Mega Mart with Su Lin and Pearly, another really nice Malaysian girl, and bought KRW70,000 (~RM210) of stuff and everyone around me was yakking in a foreign language which I totally could not make sense of and I just felt so lost. Felt so lonely even though we got these really huge and sweet Korean strawberries and yummy creamy yogurt for dinner. It was 11pm here when Su Lin and I finally got to eat just those for dinner. OK, I also had a green tea tart. That KRW70,000 of stuff included a thicker comforter, a body pillow, cup noodles, Happy Bath natural oatmeal bath liquid with two refills, two water tumblers, 2 packets of laundry powder detergent. Actually it was pretty worth it, considering the amount of stuff that I bought.

Our dinner

Us at the airport. Two years seems like an eternity to me now. But since I'm already here, I'll just have to take it one day at a time.

More updates tomorrow, hopefully.


Invisible said…
Look forward, I am sure you can achieve your dream and do it well. Take care dear ^^
josze said…
awwwwwwww don't worry dear things will turn better very soon i hope. i can understand how it feels to not have loved ones beside you. take it a day at a time and good luck!! & blog more pls!
Adelene said…
Sigh! it is easily to figure how much you miss your hubby!! :( But be strong k!2 years seems to be eternity but time flies!!! Jia you la!
leonardlcy said…
Hey dearie, I'm sending you all my love and hugs from Penang.
Everytime I miss you I'll just remind myself we'll be meeting each other again in August, so that's just like 25 weeks away only.
As for foreign language, just imagine like you're travelling to Thailand. All also we dun understand but its still fun!
Have fun and enjoy all the new Korean experiences!
pik lay said…
Enjoy your stay. Come back and visit when u are available!
cpc said…
Xweing said…
Thank you all for your kind words of support and encouragement. I really need it to keep going forward.
nYnY_berrY said…
ganbateh my dear Xweing~! U can do it de! U will achieve your dreams!
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