I wanna blog about my wedding so badly, but my photographer informed me that he will only be able to pass me the pictures next week. So, stay tuned! I'll entertain myself by blogging about some petty stuff here.

Recently I'm totally addicted to the Milo I bought from Singapore! It's a special kind of flavour - Australian Recipe - which has a more chocolatey and milky taste. Add some Dutch Lady fresh milk and voila! That taste I remembered from my childhood came rushing back... yummm... *so heavenly*. I brought back 2 small cans and a 3-in-1 pack from SG. I must have it every morning after I wake up. Didn't dare to drink it for the few days before my wedding cos drinking Milo will make you fat... but now I can drink it again! Hohoho~

One of my wedding gifts - a red towel - from Peck Li & Chew Hsia. Peck Li passed it to me in Ipoh a week before my wedding. That day I went to Aussino Gurney to buy body pillow sheets and saw that this towel costs RM69.90! So pricey for a towel... :-S

Yay! And my Thanksgiving gifts have arrived from the United States... thanks Guat May for bringing them back to me. Bought all online from Target and had them shipped to my colleagues': La Regale hobo evening bag in champagne color, $17.99; Black/gold cinched clutch, $16.99; Converse One Star silver shoes, $12.24; Purple fringe sandal, $5.24. All prices in USD. I wanted the champagne colored evening bag to use during my wedding but when I saw it, it looked overpriced. :-( I guess the best bargain was the Converse shoes but they're half a size too large, luckily for the straps I am still able to wear them. My friends like the black/gold clutch.

And last but not least, bought this compendium of Sherlock Holmes stories from Borders to make up for my old one which got wet in the rain. It is double the price for what I got for my old one. But I guess I won't have time to read it... haven't unwrapped until now. :-(


josze said…
the milo only available in SG??? i MUST go to buy and try! hurray to milo!
A Bookaholic said…
alamak babes....make sure u MAKE TIME for sherlock holmes!! hehehehe :)

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