Alice in Wonderland

Last Saturday I went to watch "Alice in Wonderland-3D" with Janice. Actually I don't really know whether she really wanna watch it or just OK to teman me because going to the cinema alone kinda sucks, although I did try that before. Anyway, really thanks to her cos "Alice in Wonderland" is one of my must-watch movies this year!

We went to CGV cinema which is near our university subway station. Ticket price for 3D cost 13,500 won (RM39), somewhat similar to Malaysian standards, but a normal movie ticket costs 8,000 won (RM24) which is much higher than our Wednesday movie night price. Therefore, 3D seems more worth it! However, the theater was just 20% full that evening and no, the movie wasn't dubbed in Korean, thank God... but all subtitles were in Korean.

The movie.

I didn't expect the movie to be a combination of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass"! So the storyline was a bit different than what I had expected and Wonderland wasn't as beautiful as I had imagined.

Also, the Johnny Depp + Tim Burton collaboration seems to have deteriorated since "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". I didn't like Johnny Depp in this movie. It just felt like his characters were all the same... the Mad Hatter was like being possessed by Willy Wonka and Jack Sparrow!

And I hate the Alice... she's a whiny, damn boring and an annoying little girl who only puts on one expression throughout the movie. Should have cast a better actress... such as the little girl in "The Lovely Bones", which I'm yet to finish watching.

The only redeeming factor for me was of course the beautiful cinematography, the Red Queen (Helena Bonham Carter), Absolem the Caterpillar(Alan Rickman's voice is so powerful) and the Cheshire Cat!

The book.

I love classic fairytales and this is one of my re-reads, because of the writer's superb imagination! However it does give me nightmares, I can't imagine myself being Alice, I think I would end up in an asylum afterwards.

The game.

"American McGee's Alice" is a darker and demented version of Alice in Wonderland. Superb graphics and great storyline! My brother and I played the game years back... however due to my poor gaming skills I was unable to finish the game. :-P It does give me nightmares too.

The ride.

Above photos were taken while we were waiting for the Alice ride in Disneyland, Anaheim. It was more like a kid's ride, actually... sigh, regret that we didn't go for the Matterhorn Bobsleds instead!


Janice said…
I am glad that i went to the movie with you although I need to admit that if not because of you, most probably i will just download the movie instead of watching it in cinema. Maybe because it don't have any handsome cutie guy in the show! Haha.

But I am glad i went, it brought back a lot of my childhood memories of reading the story book of Alice in Wonderland and how my dad used to read me that book before sleep.
josze said…
i have never watched 3D before but i thought 3D in malaysia is RM15? then Korea is double the price!
A Bookaholic said…
awww...u didnt enjoy d movie?? hmmm this shows i'm reli crazy over Johnny Depp haha and Tim Burton's world...and the cinematography, wow... loved loved it! :) Oh and I thought the White Queen was funny! haha
Xweing said…
@Josze: Really? I thought that time Avatar 3D sold at Gurney for RM30 something.. oh well, maybe that's just for Avatar... yea movie tickets here are expensive.

@Bookaholic: Yea, the movie wasn't really a WOWWWWWWWW for me... haha... I gonna read "Through the looking-glass" soon...
A Bookaholic said…
Ok have a wonderful trip down memory lane :)
Adelene said…
haha...I love johnny depp la..willy wonka character was quite a scary one but mad hatter was ok:D and i love alice in the wonderland. i think Alice looks pretty and at least prettier than Anne:p

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