Busan Aquarium

Thanks to Janice, I got a free ticket to visit the Busan Aquarium yesterday. The Aquarium is located at Haeundae beach and the water in the tanks are pumped directly from the sea. It is an underground complex with three basements.

I know I miss seafood a lot when I started seeing platters of food swimming around in the tanks. First thing to catch my eye was a terrapin turtle. I miss claypot terrapin so much! Can almost imagine chewing its rubbery texture... The next tank had catfish and that made my mouth water imagining the silky smooth bak sou gong that we always order in Chinese restaurants. At the shark tank I was looking at all the fins and thinking about shark fin soup. And all those eels made me dream of unagi sushi... mmmph!

But if I drop into this tank here, I will become food for them... Amazon red belly piranhas. They can just float motionless inside the tank, silent murderers in a group, each in their own place, ready to strike at the first stench of blood.

Weird sea snake that dresses like its four-footed land counterpart.

Beautiful yet deadly jellyfish floating up-and-down and spinning all around the tank like the tides of time. I love the baby blue color!

Brutal Moray eel... very geli. The information stated: The Brutal Moray looks very ferocious because it likes to open and close its mouth. But in fact, it's just breathing!

Colourful coral tank and tropical fish.

Vertical coral reef. This is where they did the fish-feeding and magic show. The diver is a girl.

And they have this cute designed tank which lets kids crawl in and take pictures in the tank with Nemo! OK I know I look silly.

Entrance fee (adult): 17,000 won (RM51)
Verdict: Actually there's nothing really spectacular.


A Bookaholic said…
I like the Brutal Moray eel!! hehehee and you do look cute with Nemo! haha :)
Invisible said…
the last pic is so cute, haha....
Joseph said…
Make Friend - Not Food! lol~~~rubbery texture wor~~~so gross! lol...u r not allow to enter Zoo!
leonardlcy said…
Joseph: dun worry, she will only yearn for seafood. FYI, This food hallucinations happened in Seaworld San Diego as well... hahah.
Xweing said…
libelly said…
haha.....silly but cute!

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