Gwangan Bridge

Gwangan Bridge in the evening. The bridge has the same name as my friend, 梁广安.

I think I am attracted to the sea, wherever I go. It's like those silly psychological questions in forwarded emails: R u a mountain person, or a sea person? The sea fascinates me and clears my thoughts. I could just sit and look at it for a whole day. I will build my future home, by the sea. I want to wake up to the sounds of waves lapping on the beach, of cries of seagulls, of beautiful watercolour sunsets everyday. And bridges. From Penang bridge, to Golden Gate Bridge, to Gwangan bridge, it makes me feel like I'm closer to home.

After visiting the Busan Aquarium, we went for a walk near Gwangan bridge to while away our time.

My lovely roommate, Janice.

Katie, from Hong Kong, who is in my Korean language class.

There's these very dreamy drawings near the promenade.

Then we went for dinner - green onion chicken. No pictures there cos it was already my second time eating in that shop, and don't all chicken look the same?

We moved to another place for our second round, drinking makkoli, another type of Korean rice wine, but with only 6% alcohol.

They serve the makkoli mixed with Saida (7-up) in small bowls.

Finger food. Sugar biscuits.

My fave food of the week! Clear soup with green chilli, mussels and prawn!

Chicken gizzards

And the drinking gang.

As a result, I could only make it through 50% of my Korean dictation test today. =_='''


A Bookaholic said…
love those paintings!! :)
josze said…
why so enjoy wan u!! jealousnyer. btw i wanna learn korean got any recommendation the better book to buy or something like that ar?
leonardlcy said…
oh man really kedekut. one lonely prawn floating in the soup only...
Xweing said…
Bookaholic: Yeah, so dreamy it makes me wanna float away~~~

Josze: Oops u asked the wrong person.. my Korean still sucks.. I dunno la, I personally think that it's tough to self-study Korean so better go for classes becos u need some1 to guide u thru the pronunciations which are kinda confusing. U really wan? I can ask about Penang Korean class for u...

Leo: Haha.. yeah and that solitary prawn was eaten by me! :P
A Bookaholic said…
leonard, the rest maybe eaten liao hahahahha
Xweing said…
No really when it came there was only 1 prawn!!! But lotsa mussels, but the mussel meat quite small, not like in Manhattan Fishmarket
Adelene said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Adelene said…
So much fun!!!!!!! and what the heck am I sitting in my cube now!!!!
BTW, I am not sea nor mountain person, i am city person! i love building and not nature!haha!
Xweing said…
Then what r u doing in Penang?? U should be in KL or Singapore!
leonardlcy said…
Maybe the frawn pell into the soup by accident. Supposed to be mussel soup issit?

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