Street Food at Seomyeon

Last Saturday, Su Lin brought me out to Seomyeon (西面), a popular shopping street at Busan, for some shopping. I needed to buy some essentials to update my look. All the Koreans are really fashionable I feel like an ugly duckling with gray feathers here.

Here's some street food that she introduced to me. I know, my posts have all been about food lately. And I am developing a sexy tummy from eating, sitting, eating, sitting for long hours. But Korean food is such a new thing to me, there's always surprises everywhere!

#1 - Chicken skewers 꼬치 "gong gi". It's juicier than Malaysian satay and the marinated sauce tastes really good! One skewer seemed a lot at first so I told Su Lin I wanted to share. But then after one round I totally grabbed one for myself!

#2 - Fresh strawberry juice to quench my thirst after eating the BBQ skewers. For only RM3!

#3 - Egg in bread 계란빵 "gae ran bang". Time for some carbs and protein all rolled into one! This is really special and is mostly sold when the weather is cold.

#4 - Headless whole fried chicken. I think Leonard will faint if I told him I ate a whole chicken. And no, I really did not eat this! But it smells so yummy~~~

#5 - Sweet pancake 호떡 "ho-tteok". It's like our Malaysian version of ham chim beng, but with more fillings, pine nuts and peanuts and such. There is this one famous stall beside Lotte departmental store.

OK, end of food. And now for the spoils!

Skin Food cherry milk soft hand essence, wildberry milk makeup remover cream, sweet plumping lip gloss all for less than RM60.

Black satchel for RM45, peep-toe ankle boots for RM90, long-sleeve striped tee for RM15, jeans not from Seomyeon for about RM60.


josze said…
my god that sweet pancake looks so good leh i want!!!
Janice said…
I should have painted my nails before offered to be your model for 호떡. I just remembered that there are a few more street food that you haven't try. Next time let's try other food. :D
Adelene said…
ah!!! looks so fun la!! the "ho-tteok" looks so yummy!!!! and everything just so cheap cheap cheap!!!
libelly said…
oh...i want ur Fresh strawberry juice & Chicken skewers !!! i likes that pix too =)
leonardlcy said…
the egg bread looks interesting! Adn remember to bring me to teh chicken satay when I visit!
A Bookaholic said…
The Skin Food products, are they cheaper in Korea?
Xweing said…
I didn't really compare cos I seldom use these products, just buy when I need them. But my friend says it is much, much cheaper. Everything is around >RM20 range.

And Laniege is cheap here too!
A Bookaholic said…
ahhh okok now i knw wt to buy when i get to Korea hehehe the products are good rite? cuz i hv very sensitive skin... :(
Xweing said…
Hmm.. not so sure there about sensitive skin, cos I can throw anything on my skin.

So far Skin Food is good for me.

Perhaps u can get some from Nature Republic too, stuff there is better I think.
A Bookaholic said…
ohh ok! and thx for d suggestion! :)
家勤 said…
the boots is nice ~!

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