Campus sakura

This is my first spring, ever. I witnessed the bare, cold branches of naked trees in early spring and even saw snowfall in March. I witnessed the transformation of the cherry blossom trees, from when they started to bud, until the continuous wet, rainy days came and passed and it was hot and sunny for a moment. Then, the sakuras began to pop, bursting in colour. They tinted the whole campus with pink. ♥

For the whole of two weeks, this is what I saw.

The view from my dorm room window every morning. The university stadium is lined with beautiful sakura trees.

The walkway I pass by every day on my way to the lab.

I just love the thick bunches of cherry blossoms. They blossom together in a thick bunch. Sometimes the pattern gives me goosebumps, but I still love looking at them all the same. On a few lucky days the sky was blue and cloudless, I love the contrast of the faint pink sakuras against the bright blue sky.

I especially love standing alone at night under the huge bunch of cherry blossoms, when I pass by it on my way back to the dorm from the lab. Everything is so quiet, there's nobody around, and the pink is so calm, so beautiful, so striking from beneath the dark cover of night. I feel I could just stand there and whisper all my secrets to it and nobody would know, just the sakura tree, then the next day the petals would fall to the ground, carrying my secrets with them.

Parking lot right outside my lab. My clothes are so drab, I know, but it was just so cold although I was grinning wide!

It was photo-taking day for me and my labmates that day, although the skies were kinda cloudy. We have three girls in our USN lab:- me, Janice and Pearly, and the boy in the red jacket is one of our undergraduate students. The guy in the stripes is from VLSI lab.

The sakuras make a lovely backdrop so after our Korean language class we took some group pictures with my Korean language classmates. This group is from China, the girl, Katie, is from Hong Kong.

And this group is from Indonesia. So nice to hear people speaking in a language I'm familiar with!

This was like a week ago. Now the sakura petals have fallen all over the ground and green shoots are starting to sprout from the branches. The loveliness of the cherry blossoms only lasted two weeks.


Aleksandra said…
beautiful photos.

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