来到韩国,学会用 ppstream,在晚上属于自己的时间,努力追看我所有要看的戏。Castaway 就是其中一部。

I love Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt's acting in the show. That part where Tom Hanks carved

"Chuck Noland was here for 1500 days Escaped to sea Tell Kelly Frears Memphis Tn I Love Her"

on the rock before escaping the island tells so much about her being his only hope for that entire period he was stranded there alone. And that scene when he decided to go to her house and look for her... and left her standing in the garage when he thought that she had nothing to tell him... until she chased after him in the rain... just brought me to tears... so touching!!! He was so sure that Kelly would wait for him, but she didn't. And now that he's back, they can't be together because she has a responsibility to her family... that's just so heartbreaking. If only she had waited...! But four years is a long, long time... would you have waited?

Tom Hanks is always one of my all-time favourite romance movie actors... although Castaway is more of a movie about loneliness and survival, more than love.


jwlaw83 said…
I think I would have waited, gals like me won't have much disruption :p
A Bookaholic said…
4 yeas???! NO WAY! Not me! haha
missjjing said…
I refused to use PPstream for a really long time cuz I thought it would affect the bandwidth of others. But when I finally learn to use it, I have a 相逢恨晚 kind of feelings. Hehehe.

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