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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Last Tuesday, I decided a needed a change in hairstyle. To make me look more Korean. Here, most of the Korean girls have their fringe cut. I hate people looking at me like I'm some weirdo walking down the street - and with my previous hairstyle, I must have looked really out of place. Furthermore, I hadn't had a haircut since I grew it for my wedding! So many split ends...

So, I went to a saloon with Wang Dan, Janice's ex-roommate and got my haircut. By the way, the hairstylists here don't do layered cut, they just CUT off the length of my hair, just one horizontal cut!! So easy!! @_@''' But it's OK, I like this length. As for my fringe, I got it permed so I wouldn't have to worry about my natural curls messing it up every morning.

How's my new hairstyle?

Now, I really can assimilate into the crowd. :-) And to immediate effect - a Korean boy in another lab asked me out for lunch yesterday! (OK, we're just gonna be friends :-P)

Haircut(10,000 won) + Permed fringe(10,000 won) = 20,000 won (about RM60).

Bought clothes again... two dresses and two tees from Gmarket, less than RM90.
Skinny jeans cost 37,000 won, from shop outside campus.

I splurged on the skinny to celebrate my first mid-term exam - Computer Security - since year 2006!

Life's been really hectic this week especially, it being midterm week!

-Computer Security midterm test last Friday
-Korean language midterm test this Monday morning
-Masters seminar presentation Monday afternoon
-DSP assignment due Tuesday afternoon

And I haven't started on my research yet! *die*

Yesterday, Shirly and YY came from DSU to have dinner with us. Pearly brought us to this shop to eat spicy chicken... yummmmm... the Koreans really have a variety of ways to cook chicken!

Really spicy!!

Really, really yummy! *Update the name later after I ask Janice*


josze said...

haha u look younger. and stop tempting us with the good food please!!!

leonardlcy said...

bring me to the spicy chicken when i go!

A Bookaholic said...

yea...i agree with josze. !nough pix of good food! haha hey yea your new hairstyle makes you look younger! ;)

pik lay said...

you look cute in fringe. I wanna try also, after my wedding :P

missjjing said...

xwei..when u have mastered korean language... can u teach me how to shop for korean clothing online? hahaha XD

joyce said...

Thumbs up for ur new hairstyle :)

junny said...

Hey, looks nice ar.. I like it! :D

Joseph said...

Kawaii neh~!

nYnY_berrY said...

cute! kawaii.. i like! <3

leonardlcy said...

Prefer your old looks! :) luv you no matter what. hahah.

Xweing said...

my sweetie!! ^^ *kiss*