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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Packages from home ♥

Yesterday I received my package from Malaysia! And not just one, but TWO! And it was his handwriting that first caught me eye among all the stuff that was in the mailroom!

Hahaha... ok, so I did pack most of the stuff myself and what to bring... so not much of a surprise there. Package contains: Milo (Australian recipe!), Nescafe hi-calcium milk, Nesvita cereal, 王老吉, face mask from Taiwan which I haven't used, notebook cooler, Matlab programming book, my favourite novel and CDs, winter gloves and hoodie (OK won't be needing those anymore..), clothes and shoes.

Feels so warm to see Malaysian stuff again!


A Bookaholic said...

Is that Murakami's Norwegian Wood I see?? hehe

leonardlcy said...

Did I manage to capture some smell from home in the box or not?

Xweing said...

Bookaholic: Uhuh uhuh!! One of my fave books...

Dearie: no... :-(... but i wanna kill u liao for not packing the baju in plastics... i gotta rewash all of em ;-(