Spring in campus

The Sakuras are budding!! Spring is finally here!!

OK, that was soooo last Monday. :-P

Today, I saw the first blossoms already! But the weather here is still bad, it's been raining non-stop for two days now. Can't wait to see the sakuras in full bloom!

There are sooooo many sakura trees planted here on campus and there's even like a whole avenue of them at the backdoor way to Mega Mart. The buds are already making the branches so heavy they're trying to touch my head everytime I walk past them on my way to lab!

I just love the walk from dormitory to lab everyday... it keeps me sane. :-)


A Bookaholic said…
so nice...get to see and touch sakura trees....SO ENVIOUS!!! :D
pik lay said…
I hate to walk from parking lot to lobby everyday.. it makes me insane
Xweing said…
LOL, Pik Lay.. haha.. but i really do love it, especially times when i walk alone, i get the time to reflect on a lot of things and do make a lot of fantasy thoughts.. haha

Bookaholic, oh yeahhhhhhhhhh I knoww... right??!
A Bookaholic said…
yeah...wish we cld exchg places...even if only a day :)

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