The difference between Jap/ Korean cuisine

Oh gosh... so many backlogs again I don't know where to start... hmm so let me start with something which I guess is the most universally appealing - food!

Bossam (보쌈) - steamed pork

Last last Sunday, my church here treated the song & media team to a free meal - bossam - at a family style restaurant near the church. I sat with a bunch of Korean ladies who lamented to me that while Japanese cuisine was popular all over the world, Korean cuisine was still relatively unknown. I replied that was because, Korean food is so difficult and time-consuming to cook!

Some of the differences between Japanese cuisine and Korean cuisine which I can think of are:
- Japanese cuisine is more fast-food style, think: sushi-belt; whereas Korean cuisine is prepared with so many side dishes (ban chan)!
- Japanese cuisine can be served cold and easy to serve, think: sushi and miso soup; whereas Korean cuisine is usually served piping hot in soups or stew
- Japanese cuisine is easier to prepare; Korean cuisine takes longer time, the best stew is often cooked for more than 48 hours!
- Japanese sushi is so famous; Korean hui (sushi)... well, nobody even knew that Koreans eat raw fish too...
- Japanese don't eat kimchi; Korean eat a variety of kimchi and need time to prepare kimchi
- Japanese eat wasabi; Koreans eat gochujang (red chilli paste) and mustard sauce

Yeah, in Malaysia, Japanese sushi is so popular everywhere but authentic Korean food is tougher to find, and pricey... most of the Korean restaurants only serve Korean BBQ and most people wouldn't know what to order once they step foot in a Korean restaurant. But not all of Korean food is just BBQ! So, to help to popularize Korean cuisine... I opened a photo album entitled "Korean Food" in my Facebook page, to share about the yummylicious food here that is so rare in Malaysia! Album will be constantly updated whenever I eat any new food. Kekeke...

My page is here:!/album.php?aid=166968&id=528376242&ref=mf



leonardlcy said…
maybe we should open a korean restaurant when you come back. we do a sort of fusion - korean food on a kaiten belt!

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