FIFA World Cup live at Haeundae!

After a grueling week of final exams, finally the last paper was over! And it was the night of FIFA World Cup Korea Republic VS Argentina at 8.30pm Korean time! What makes it even more memorable was that we were in a country that qualified for the World Cup finals!

We went to Haeundae beach to watch the live soccer match (they call it soccer here). Earlier that afternoon on TV, we already saw a huge crowd of supporters gathering at stadiums, at beaches all over Korea... all wearing RED... so thrilling!!! Everybody really turned up in droves to give support to the Taegguk Warriors!

If there's one thing Malaysia should learn, events like this should be free for the public to watch... promote nationalistic spirit and sports by setting up big ass screens and live streaming for everybody to enjoy the game... and not monopolise it over Astro ESPN...

We really had fun cheering for "both" teams... ahahaha... shouting "Ohhhh~ 대한민국~ 승리의한성" (The Shout of Reds)... yes, they even have theme song for this event!... and shouting "LIONEL MESSI!" whenever Argentina scored a goal. Actually, whenever Korea managed to defend a goal the Koreans would shout like they were victorious, but whenever Argentina scored, 4 times in fact, the silence was DEAFENING... ahaha...

Too bad, in the end, the Koreans were "outclassed, outpaced and outscored"... in the words of hairdryer himself - TWM! Ahahahaha... too bad... but KOREA go!! Crush Nigeria in the next round! KOREA FIGHTING!!!

Both photos courtesy of Biao Ge's camera~


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