The Good Life

Two nights stay at Gwangan-Ri waterfront high class hotel, sponsored by professor. Not too far from my university, walking there takes about 45 mins and by taxi it takes 15 mins (3300 won). The story goes like this: our student dormitory disallowed us to stay in our new rooms for 4 days and when professor heard that we had nowhere to go, he sponsored us 2 nights stay there! (The remaining nights we sneaked in and slept in our rooms...)

This is the good life...

Beautiful, full view of the Gwangan Bridge right in front of our hotel window.

Big, comfy king and queen size beds with two pillows for everyone. Warm lighting, and a TV for us to watch the 3.30am South Korea VS Nigeria match in comfort and luxury.

Night view

Took a stroll in the evening along the waterfront. I love, love the cafes in Korea!

Saw a couple taking romantic wedding evening shots by the Gwangan Bridge

Had Spaghetti alla Pollo e Peperocino with roasted chicken breast at Pasta Bianco.

It was an amazing experience. The Good Life.


A Bookaholic said…
wowwwwwww awesome!! ur prof is god sent! gosssh! look at the room! look at the views!
pik lay said…
Maybe your professor trying to hint any of you girls on something ;)
josze said…
wah why ur professor so good geh!!
Xweing said…
Bookaholic: Yes, THE VIEWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!! I couldn't get enough of it...!!

Pik Lay: Ooi.. hint on what?? He is a family man lerr..

Josze: Yea good... later on need to "repay" him by writing more papers ler... ;-P
Xweing said…
Michelle said…
i lourve that u're having the GOOD life. i'm happy for you girl! big things are coming ur way~

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